Snippets: Singapore Sports Hub

Having hosted the Singapore’s National Day Parade for a grand total of 18times, the Kallang National Stadium must have left an impression in many of us. The daily 6am National Anthem on the local television would often trigger memories of the roaring 65,000 spectators who sang the anthem with much pride and joy during each of the parades.

2007 – the planned year which the stadium was to be torn down for re-development as part of the Singapore Sports Hub, it was met with much disappointment by the conservationist as they saw this as yet another part of the country’s history giving way to its constant pursue of economical renewal. The closure was, however, not completed till 2010 and complete demolition was only done by Feb 2011.

Singapore Sports Hub

Singapore National Stadium

Since the demolition, works on the new National Stadium has began. Slated for completion in 2014, the Singapore Sports Hub National Stadium would literally stand to be the largest free standing structure in the world. It would have a slightly smaller capacity of 55,000 seats, with a retractable dome roof, opening up facing the skyline of the garden city.

However, the more intriguing grand plan to many is the full integration of the Kallang sports facilities, where the Sports Hub will include the brand new National Stadium, the Kenzo Tange’s designed Singapore Indoor Stadium, two 3,000 seater arena (Indoor Aquatic Center & Indoor Sport Arena), a Water Sports Centre, 41000 sqm of commercial space and hospitality facilities – all linked to the rest of the city state via the Stadium MRT Station along the Circle Line.

Singapore Sports Arena

Singapore Aquatics Centre

Singapore Water Sports Centre

With the NDP heading back to the Kallang shores in 2014 and the ASEAN Games in 2015, how could we not be excited to once again raise our hands and do the Kallang Wave!

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