Food Review: Little Part 1 Cafe

The Place Despite having been to some good cafes, I am constantly on the lookout to try those which I have yet to visit. Not surprisingly, Little Part 1 Cafe happens to be one of those which I chanced upon only recently. Located at Jasmine Road, the cafe is housed in the middle of an old shophouse, away from the busy Upper Thomson Road.  IMG_9046Given the hidden location, I am not surprised that it is not packed on a Sunday afternoon, which can also be attributed to the fact that the cafe has been opened for a few years.
IMG_9054For the book lovers, there is a whole shelf of random genre of books to pick from while sipping your coffee.

The Food My main intention was to find a cafe to chill and have some desserts, which explains why I did not manage to try the food here. After browsing the menu, I was pleasantly surprised that there is quite a wide variety of options. Appetisers include items such as Buffalo Wings and Nachos, while the mains range from Shepherd’s Pie to Fish and Chips to Honey Roasted Pork Ribs.

The Iced Mocha with ice-cream ($7) was perfect for a hot afternoon. The mocha is quite thick even though the ice-cream quality is average.
IMG_9050For desserts, we tried the Mud Pie with Vanilla ice-cream ($7.50). The mud pie is awesome as the chocolate is thick while it’s crust is very crispy as well.
IMG_9052Rants The beverage and dessert I tried are not too bad but I do not feel especially impressed by the cafe. It is probably the vibe of the sleepy estate it is located in, not to mention that a chill-out ambience is somewhat lacking as well.

Will I return again? Other than serving good coffee, a cafe which I will return again should also have a nice ambience where you can enjoy your coffee comfortably. I guess I will skip this cafe in future.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud:
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 2/5

Little Part 1 Cafe
15 Jasmine Rd
Singapore 576584
Tel: +65 6451 7553


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