Food Review: Addictions Café & Remedy Bar

The Place Dempsey. How best to enjoy a catch-up with friends in the midst of town, yet finding yourself surrounded by greens. Since being redeveloped as a food haven, having converted from a old military barracks, Dempsey have been attracting reasonably good restaurants since. tRP have also covered a couple of the eateries in the vicinity including Barracks and Jones the Grocer. Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar is located at the foot of the hill on the first right turn in Dempsey. What brought tRP there was due a Public Garden’s Every Little Thing flea market at 22 Dempsey, which Addictions is part of.



The Food Brunch-only menu on Sunday when tRP visited the place, with more selections on the rest of the week. It brunch menu was split into three categories – Basic, Premium and Just for Kids, with all frankly quite over-priced.  The Basic option consists of the typical brunch selections such as Chorizo with scrambled eggs, Italian Sausage with sunny side up, Salmon Eggs Benedict, all completed with a hot beverage and a buffet spread (of well, nothing much). tRP decided to go for the Basic options (S$35++ for each set), with an OCBC Credit Card promotion currently for a 1-for-1 deal.


Cured Tee Salmon Benedict with crispy pancetta, potatoes and yuzu hollandaise – what can I say more about the over-hyped Eggs Benedict? Again, the hollandaise sauce makes this a must-have.


Italian Sausage with sunny side up, breaded cheese Portobello, grilled tomatoes and sour dough – Safe choice for brunch, but nothing too amazing. Only for sausage lovers.


Squid Ink Pasta with calamari, prawn, fresh cut chili and torn fresh basil – Not the best squid ink pasta, a little too dry and bland.


The hot beverage selections are quite wide, ranging from the usual coffee options to a variety of Gryphon Tea.


Rants Serious attempts need to be made to improve the quality of the food served, seriously. Addictions also has too big a space to be covered by only a few staff, poor service standards by a team who tries their best.

Will I return again? Food wise, it ain’t the best brunch place. But the restaurant has both outdoor and indoor spaces which are extremely comfy for group gatherings or just a simple relaxing weekend meal. Not sure I will return again though, unless …..



TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 2.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience: 3/5

Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar
22 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249679
Tel: +65 6476 5961

Reserve your table at Addictions’ Marina Square branch on now!

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2 Comments on Food Review: Addictions Café & Remedy Bar

  1. My feedback to Addictions:
    This is to bring to your attention on how bad your Brunch at Addictions last Sunday.
    I have made a reservation for 10 Adults and 2 kids. The whole restaurant was empty except our table. We would have expect tip top food since we have the restaurant to ourselves. But the whole restaurant was in a mess. I can really relate your restaurant to the show: kitchen madness.
    Let me recount: First your buffet spread was outdoor at the far end from the indoor restaurant that we were seated. Since we were the only table why the spread still must be out there? Soup and bread were cold as it was a wet morning. Next the sides were not what it stated on the menu. When we ordered the premium set, we can have 2 sides from the menu. The sides said spinach with pouched egg. When serve it was not the case, e.g. only spinach without pouched egg. When asked, we were then told the pouched egg is only available if it is individually ordered as sides at $6. Why we weren’t told upon ordering it? Then came the “greatness of your steak dish”, 4 of the main with steaks were all so well done when we asked for medium raw or medium well. The 4 steaks were returned to kitchen as it was too hard to chew. When it was return, this time it is too raw and still blue as well as frozen. We finally give up to change it to salmon pouched egg. But the salmon pouch turned up with this bad sour taste and weird looking egg. It were left untouched as well. Meanwhile, my other friends eating the seared fish were also commenting on how overcooked the fish were. Since it was fish, they still can ate it but it were definitely the most horrible tasted fish they have had. Of course, the Manager was nice to inform us that if we have Citibank, we can enjoy one-for-one promotion. We should really thank her for her thoughtfulness for ensuring that we need not pay full price for such horrible food.
    My conclusion is if you have no business then dun open the restaurant for Brunch. If you do, then please ensure you have proper chef in the Kitchen. If not, you will continue to loss customers with such “lousy” food like you have just loss 10 of us.


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