Snippets: “Best Brunch Ever – Delicious Morning Recipes to Savour”

Brunch. Cafe. Sunday. How many of us dream of spending a relaxing Sunday chilling in a cafe, enjoying a brunch? Perfect weekend, ain’t it? Well, not so!

Why don’t you try picking up the kitchen tools and start making use of your nicely renovated (but neglected) kitchen to create your own Brunch this coming weekend!? Game for it?

Best Brunch Ever - Delicious Morning Recipes To Savour

theRantingPanda recently came across a new Recipe Book on “Best Brunch Ever” and what caught our eyes was the mix of established chefs based in Singapore contributing brunch ideas from cuisines literally from around the world. Featured in the recipe book includes a collection of brunch ideas from the Americans, Australians, Japanese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Spanish, Italian and French! Other than being awe with the extensive list, it didn’t take long before tRP realizes the easy steps an average cook (like tRP) needs to follow to start dishing out DIY brunch at the comfort of my own kitchen!

The list of contributing chefs were impressive to say the least, including Dan Segall (The Big Idea – Fat Cow, Kinki, Pelican, Bedrock), Dallas Cuddy (Prime Society), Nicolas Joanny (Nicolas Le), Antonio Facchinetti (Prego), Kenjiro Hashida (Hashida Sushi), Eric Low (Lush Epicurean), Maria Sevillano (My Little Spanish Place) and Chi Quang Trinh (Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar).


The book has been compiled by Tools of the Trade (ToTT), a kitchenware retailing store based off Dunearn Road – which tRP felt all budding chefs should check out! And if you are living on the Eastern shores of the island and travelling to the west just seemed too much of a chore, perhaps a click on the mouse will work well for you too –!

More on some of the live demonstration of the brunch ideas included in the recipe book in our next post!

P.S. We have a give-away to one of our lucky readers too! Stay tuned!

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