Food Review: Sabio Tapas Bar | Casual Spanish dining

The Place I cannot believe how much I am missing out on Spanish tapas! It might be because I have not been to Spain before, heading to a Spanish tapas bar has never been my top choices. I recently visited Sapio Tapas Bar at Duxton Hill, the same group behind Sabio by the Sea in Quayside Isle in Sentosa Cove. As a casual Spanish tapas bar, this Duxton Hill branch is small and cosy, with a no reservations policy. Weekends are really packed, especially from 7pm onwards from our observations, so do arrive early if securing a table is your priority. We settled for the bar seats to soak in the tapas ambience better!IMG_0482The Food I am quite impressed with the wide selection of tapas on the menu, such as Ham Croquettes, Fried Calamari, Spanish Omelette, Spanish Noodles and more!

A peep into the menu:IMG_0492IMG_0491We started off with some White Wine Sangria ($10) which is refreshing for a start.IMG_0477The Vieiras en salsa de cava ($14) is such an endearing dish! The sea scallops are very fresh and huge, which is perfect when cooked in the sparkling white wine sauce. We finished every bit of the sauce.IMG_0484The Croquetas de Jamon ($13) or Ham Croquettes is great for sharing, and a pretty popular Spanish tapas dish as well. The fried texture and generous fillings is just right, which does not taste too greasy as well.IMG_0495The La Medula ($19) is one of my favourite dishes of the night, just by looking at the presentation of the dish. This grilled bone marrow comes with toasted baguette with butter, which we will recommend to have it together. The bone marrow is very well done, fatty, chewy and soft. It feels so sinful yet so satisfying. I guess once in a while indulgence like this is perfectly fine.IMG_0489The Grilled Lamb Cutlet ($20) is another perfectly done dish of the night. I am never a lamb lover as I always find the smell of lamb overbearing. This version however, is done medium well and does not have any strong smell of the lamb. The meat is very succulent, which I attribute to the perfect texture and cooking. IMG_0487Finally our carbo dish of the night is the Fideua de mariscos ($24). This is the traditional Spanish noodles, also known as Paella, with clams, mussels, squid, shrimps and fish. The portion is quite huge, fit for sharing among 2-3 people. The seafood is all very fresh, especially the fish. The noodles is very tasty and evenly fried, and I appreciate that it is already cut before being served.IMG_0501Rants The service feels a little lacklustre, which I already felt from my initial phone conversation when I tried to make a reservation.

Will I return again? The food is great, ambience is casual and the best part is that Palate card members get up to 50% discount. Totally worth returning.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
theRantingPanda Paws: 4paws

Sabio Tapas Bar
5 Duxton Hill
Tel: +65 6690 7562

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 12pm to late
Saturday 5pm to late
Sunday 11.30am to late

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