Snippets: Savour 2014 Highlights | A gastronomic affair

It was my first time to Savour, which I was totally looking forward to for a food filled weekend. I must say that the weather was scorching hot, which made me regret my practical reason for choosing the cheaper lunch session over dinner.IMG_0617The way Savour is organised is that there are various food stalls, not the hawker centre kinda food stalls, but more like gourmet food stalls from famous restaurants or helmed by Celebrity Chefs that Hoi polloi like myself can afford to try. For each ticket purchase, there is 30 Savour Dollars which is definitely not enough to fill your stomach. But not to worry, the smart organisers have savour booths all over for you to purchase more savour dollars.IMG_0576The first stall I tried is the Ice Cream & Cookies Co., which does not have a physical shop in Singapore but supplies to cafes. This is probably the only dessert type of vendor in Savour, which was a great idea given the crazily hot weather.IMG_0580The Foie Gras Sundae totally made me go i-screammm! I love Foie Gras, whether in its pan seared or terrine form, this sundae version totally brings it to a new level. The foie gras taste is very subdued, which makes me like this sundae even more! Kudos to the creativy of the flavour!IMG_0582Next up is Mikuni’s Aged Beef, and I mind you not to be surprised or shocked by the tiny portions as that is the typical style of Savour vendors. The portions are really tapas inspired, which gives us the chance to try more and spend more. IMG_0589Savour is a very good chance for us to try the food from restaurants which are not in Singapore yet, such as this Braised Beef Cheek from 2 Michelin stars Gidleigh Park in England by chef Michael Caines. The mash, beef and onion is perfect, a big WOW from us!IMG_05903 Michelin stars Bo Innovation from Hong Kong was another vendor at Savour which got many people go gaga for, the Molecular Xiao Long Bao was sold out within an hour, so we settled for the Calamansi ice-cream and Foie Gras Rose wine Rice.

The conclusion: we do not get the fuss at all. Totally mediocre, especially the rice which we could not comprehend the taste or what the dish was trying to convey. IMG_0594We also spotted &Sons by Chef Riccardo Catarsi, where we tried the Linguine, Crab & Nduja and the Roasted Cod Salsa Rubra. Very yummy with generous portions by Savour’s standard, glad this did not disappoint.IMG_0612IMG_0611A big highlight of Savour is the Chef Masterclass, where we get the opportunity to get upclose with famous chefs as they whip up dishes in a cooking demonstration fashion. I attended the one by Antonio Benites, who is the pastry chef from Joël Robuchon Restaurant in RWS. It was truly impressive to see how the fine Chocolate desserts are being prepared, but the best perks of the masterclass is that all audiences get free sampling of the desserts!IMG_0599theRantingPanda thoughts about Savour? It is a well organised food event in Singapore, especially impressed with some of the names the organisers have brought in. The venue is pretty ideal as well, right smack in Marina Bay with awesome city view to hold such a world class gourmet event. My suggestion for the organisers is to install coolers in future to give fella patrons a better dining experience. It is no joke to eat and melt in the open under 33 degrees Celsius. I can’t wait for Savour 2015, the next time round it shall be dinner session for me.IMG_0622

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