Food Review: Waffle Slayer | Overpriced waffle cafe at Kampong Bahru [Closed]

The Place I can feel the waffles battle heating up in Singapore with more and more cafes specialising in waffles, trying to outdo one another in terms of the flavours and novelty of the waffles. Opened less than a month, Waffle Slayer at the old space of Strangers’ Reunion is no stranger to most people in terms of the location and vibe of the café. Waffle Slayer is kinda a spin off from Stranger’s Reunion, which I view it like an expansion of the café into a designated space to specially satisfy the waffle cravings.IMG_1064IMG_1086The Food So how many variations of waffles can Waffle Slayer offer? There are six sweet flavours and two savoury flavours, which I was quite in awe when I first glanced at the menu. Like Squid Ink and Red Velvet waffles? Seriously? I can’t help but start imagining the taste of it. Sounds totally too good and cool to be true.IMG_1048Noting that the coffee at Strangers’ Reunion is famously good, I tried the Café Latte ($4.90) which was predictably good with its nice medium bodied taste.IMG_1057We decided to be greedy and try one savoury and one sweet waffle. For the savoury waffle, we had the Squid Ink Waffle with Dijon Maple Bacon ($18.90) scores full marks for the creativity of the flavour, but that was about it. The ironic part was that everything else is good in this waffle, except the waffle. For the record, I could not really taste the squid ink flavour which makes me feel slightly cheated. That said, the home made Pistachio Tuile and the bacon were good, which went well with the bland waffle, adding the much needed flavour to it. If there was any consolation, the waffle was picture perfect.IMG_1066For the sweet waffle, the Red Velvet Buttermilk Waffle ($14.90) was almost a no brainer for me as this is the most intriguing flavour I want to try from the menu. I love red velvet cakes so imagine my expectations for this waffle. Unfortunately, this red velvet waffle disappoint as much as the squid ink waffle. The same issue with the waffle, it was simply missing the distinct red velvet flavour which I was looking out for. It felt like a normal waffle flavour, not to also mention that the taste of the waffle is bland and the texture too dry. Not recommended if you are not a sugar rush person, given the overdose of chocolate fudge which was way too much.IMG_1081Rants It is quite overpriced for waffles I must rant, averaging $14.90 for the sweet waffles and $18.90 for the savoury waffles. This is about twice the price of waffles at other cafes. Waffle taste fell short of the average expectations as well, which simply do not justify the crazily priced waffles.

Will I return again? It feels like Waffle Slayer is conceptualised to ride on the waffle craze right now. The fault however lies with the basic standard of the waffle, which is being compromised in every possible way in the name of creativity (or attempting to be one). Never will I pay such a price for mediocre waffles again.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 1.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 1.5/5

Waffle Slayer
37 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169356
Tel: +65 6222 4869

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 11am-10pm

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