Snippets: Potato Head Folk is here

You’ve heard it here first, Potato Head Folk has officially opened just few days ago! We were so excited to check out the façade and décor and here it is!

The Keong Saik neighbourhood was so much more lively with the addition of Potato Head Folk, and it came as no surprise to us that they have retained the traditional façade and name of the old 亚东.IMG_3685The concept of Potato Head Folk is very distinct with a different vibe and theme to each level. The first level is the casual setting of the restaurant Three Buns, which we heard that the burgers are really yummy. IMG_3700Let’s check out level 2!IMG_3693We love the restaurant setting of the second level, which feels totally chill-lax. The menu is the same as what you would get at level 1, so it was almost a no brainer if you would to ask which is our preference. It was totally packed this weekend!IMG_3692Level 3 is designed to be a lounge but we were not able to check it out at press time due to a private function, but we were more excited about the rooftop Tiki Bar which we foresee will next hip gathering spot. The bar is not yet opened, but we have the confirmation from Potato Head Folkers that it will be opened next week, so stay tune!

Wanna know how Three Buns fare in our review? Coming next!

Potato Head Folk
35 Keong Siak Road
Singapore 089143

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