Food Review: Three Buns by Potato Head Folk | Landmark in Keong Saik Street

The Place There is one restaurant which has generated some serious buzz over the past week, which is definitely a positive energy for our culinary scene. Potato Head Folk, we have finally checked you out!IMG_3736

Following our surprise visit last week to Potato Head Folk at Keong Siak Road (read more on our snippet here), we went down slightly earlier this time before 7pm and managed to snag a table without waiting for long. Yes, no reservations are taken at the moment by the folkers. We didn’t forget to check out the lounge at level 3 this time round as promised, which exudes a totally different vibe from the casual hip ambience at level 2 of the restaurant. IMG_3744I noticed that there are also tables along the stairs where diners can sit and have their meals as well, what a way to maximise the seating capacity! Check out the murals on the walls and quirky décor, one kind of a hip or pretentious depending on how you view it. IMG_3750Level 2 is the main dining level of the four storeys Potato Head Folk, which is really not that big. I quite like the casual vibe of this level, very chill-lax with a group of friends without worrying that you are talking too loudly.IMG_3757The Food The burgers are the main draw at Three Buns of Potato Head, so forget about dining here if you are not a burger fan. There are various variations of the beef burgers depending on what specific ingredients you like in the burgers. For non-beef lovers, there is the Rambo ($25) with lamb patty and the Honky-Tonk ($19) with fried chicken. IMG_3759IMG_3761We tried the Baby Huey ($20) which comes with 150g beef patty, cheese, lettuce and the special sauce. All I can say is that the beef patty is damn yummy and juicy, while the bun’s crispy texture is almost perfect for a gourmet burger. I was a little startled by the presentation initially as it came wrapped up instead of being presented nicely on a tray. Not that gourmet kinda presentation afterall? For the price, it feels like fast food presentation.IMG_3792The presentation aside, the taste is orgasmic!IMG_3820

For the ultimate beef burger fanatic, go for the Four Floors ($28) which comes with double prime 100g beef patties, double cheese, triple onions and lettuce. I would not say the serving is very big despite the double and triple portions of ingredients, but it was just right for my appetite. Or maybe I was just too hungry.

(p.s: the House Fries ($5) is a separate order) IMG_3801Rants The multi-concept is a make or a break for Potato Head Folk. There was some confusion initially with regards to whether we were allowed to have the restaurant food at the lounge studio at level 3. Thankfully, the service staff were generally polite and eager to engage despite some confusion from diners but I guess this is the kinda teething issues all new restaurants have to undergo in the initial phase.

Will I return again? Interesting F&B concept right smack in the heart of Keong Saik Road housed one of the most iconic buildings in this area, Potato Head Folk is destined to be a hit in the coming years in Singapore. Mark our words. Indeed, the burgers are to die for.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud:
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience:

Potato Head Folk
35 Keong Siak Road
Singapore 089143

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday
11am – Midnight

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2 Comments on Food Review: Three Buns by Potato Head Folk | Landmark in Keong Saik Street

  1. Fellexandro Ruby // June 26, 2014 at 23:49 // Reply

    Hi, thanks for the write up. Been curious about this place. Well we have that in Jakarta, but I’d like to see how it rolls in Singapore. Pretty much the same, but the ambience is definitely catered to Singapore market.
    Anw, now I’m grateful the Four Floors Burger is roughly $14 here in Jakarta. =p
    Cheers from fellow foodie,
    Ruby –


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