Snippets: 5 reasons why it’s better to dine with someone

1. Somebody cares

So much of our time and energy today is spent building our financial independence and emotional nonchalance that we forget: we are deeply loved. No matter who you are or where you’re at in your life right now, somebody cares. It may not be that hottie you crave or the ex you desire, but we always get what we need, when we need it. Time to ask that old pal for a meal, NAO.

2. Make new friends – together!

I was with an old friend at Kinki last week, and when she headed to the washroom, I watched how a couple made friends with the neighbouring table because they wanted to know which sushi they should order. (Kinki serves great food.)

I’ve recently been to Phuket alone, and yes, being a female and alone makes it infinitely easy to make friends and get free stuff, but joy is doubled when shared. Even when you’ve company, all you gotta do is to turn around, say hi, and voila! Don’t gotta be alone to make friends. In fact, like that also more efficient. #sosingaporean

3. Be in the moment

Please la. When we are alone, half the time we worry about whether we cool anot. Paradoxically, our guard may be higher when we are alone, because we are constantly aware of how people view us. But when with company, it’s almost effortless to throw our heads back and laugh, and let down our high walls and get off our high horses for awhile.

My guess is, rather than letting your thoughts wander and your eyes rove the ceiling or trawl the net on your phone – be with your companion. Really listen, be fully present. This moment will absorb you more than any old meme or recipe, I assure you.

4. Give confidence

One thing I really hate about Singaporeans is we are so fond of taking. Time, attention, energy, perks – because we are so used to getting things our way, any tiny deviation results in blind fury.

Like how I got white mad just now waiting for a bus for ten minutes. How dare they, right?!


Eating with a companion means you have to be aware of another person who has actual feelings, experiences, and cred to not take your shit. This may sound bad, but it is a great chance for you to be of actual good to someone else. Listen in, and give confidence. Encourage and laugh with him or her – what goes around will come around. Your bus will definitely be earlier than mine. 🙂

5. It’s not a social crime to be social

All this hype about how mysterious and complex introverts are really pissed my friend off. I’m an introvert so it was a great ego boost to learn how I am sensitive to nuance and accepting of people – but honestly, I ain’t that saint most the time.

There is something lovely about people who choose to put themselves out there, look stupid and be foolish because they care for others. Being that person who shares his or her precious time with another just to give of himself or herself is an admirable thing.

I honestly believe there is joy to be felt when we take pride in the silly pictures we post on Instagram of us and our friends and family. Over sharing can be nauseating, duh, but there is nothing inherently wrong with being social. Eat together can share more food also mah, cheaper some more. And can listen to gossip! U don’t think good I also say u silly.


So, when you wanna go eat together with me?

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