Snippets: How’s the food?

“How’s the food?”, asked the waiter.

“It was great, am hoping there’s more!”, tRP replied shamelessly and excitedly.

The stoned face waiter, nodded and cleared the table, before moving on to the next, disposing the same insincere routine to yet another diner. All in an unconvincing attempt to bring “good” service.

How many of us diners had listened to the same question asked over and over again, with the apparent lack of sincerity?

I don’t profess to know the hallmark of what’s deemed good service. But I do draw a fine line between what’s to be considered sincere. If you choose to ask something, ask it and Pause, Listen, Engage – do all this with a smile and a genuine effort to know, to understand and to seek.

1. Pause

This is an important step. In our fast-paced society, we tend to do things without patience. We ask, we rant, we b****, but we forget to pause and listen.

2. Listen

You can’t stop listening. That’s why you ask. In the competitive food scene in Singapore today, always be sure to know what’s good and what’s bad – probably the best guarantee to survive being outwit by others. Don’t stop here, find out more, engage further.

3. Engage

Now, here’s where the sincerity bit kicks in. If you are truly seeking, you would most definitely engage further with your diners. Ask what’s good and what’s to be improved, and enquire more to get to the bottom of things. Impress your diners further by remembering their questions and preferences at the start while taking their orders, and we are sure a simple “I hope this is not too spicy for you” will go a long way.

So the next time a waiter ask you, “How’s the food?”, you sure know what to expect, nothing less.

Bon Appétit!

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