Food Review: Chotto Matte Singapore | Japanese gem in Blair Road [CLOSED]

The Place Opened barely a month ago, Chotto Matte along Blair Road is run by the consultant behind popular Japanese chain Standing Sushi Bar, located at a corner shophouse in the quaint estate near Everton Road. The restaurant is really small at the main dining area, which sits up to at most 20 people. There is another separate bar section a few doors away, where customers can interact more closely with the chef, especially if you are planing to have the Omakase Set ($100 per pax), which we heard that reservations is at least a week in advance. I like the concept of Chotto Matte, which is a modern Japanese concept with touches of European infused elements in its dishes, such as the Wagyu Foagura Fried Rice ($18). I like cosy retaurants as opposed to big chains as it often exudes a more authentic feel, while service often feels more personable as well, as evident from my visit.


The Food From sushis to dons to skewers to the extensive wine and sake list, there is almost something for everyone at Chotto Matte. The skewers seem to be the main draw as there were so many types to choose from, with some rather exotic options such as the Kagoshima Toru Buta ($5). We chatted with the head chef and learnt that most of the ingredients used at Chotto Matte is imported from various parts of Japan such as Tsukiji Market and parts of Kyushu such as Kagoshima Pork and Wagyu Beef.

For a good start, we could not miss out ordering the Aburi Salmon Maki ($19), which was done to the right texture with the fresh salmon. My acid test is that the better sushi does not fall apart easily when I use the chopstick to handle it. Glad that this one stays intact.
IMG_0505One of the Chef’s specialties is the Salmon Yuzu Mayo Yaki ($25), which is essentially grilled salmon with yuzu mayo. I am a big yuzu fan and it is not hard to notice the yuzu crazy these days, from yuzu sorbet to yuzu fruit drink to yuzu ramen, and the list goes on. Grilled salmon is a common Japanese dish, but the taste is uplifted by the yuzu mayo, which was the first time I tried this combination, The yuzu taste injected a very fresh element to the dish on the whole.
IMG_0515For the skewers, I would highly recommend trying some of them, as none of the ones we tried disappoint us. The ingredients were all very fresh and I love the degree the skewers were done, just right and not overcooked. We had the Gyu Asparagus ($3), Unagi ($3), Shake Harasu ($4), Sasami Mentai Mayo ($4), Kagoshima Toru Buta ($5) and Hotate ($5).

From left: Gyu Asparagus, Unagi

From left: Sasami Mentai Mayo, Shake Harasu


The Kagoshima Toru Buta melts in the mouth.


The Hotate skewer uses Hokkaido scallops, which was very fresh.
IMG_0522The Chirashi Don ($48), while on the higher price end, combines the freshest ingredients of the day which the chef will decide. If you are a fan of fresh sashimi, then this is probably a dish to try or share.
IMG_0549I was more excited to try the Wagyu Foagura Fried Rice ($18), which the manager highly recommended. The rice was fried with cubes of wagyu and foie gras, which was not the most generous of portions. That said, the one thing that stand out was definitely the fried rice, which was fried in their own special sauce and to such perfect degree that we daresay was the best Japanese fried rice we have tried so far.
IMG_0537Black sesame ice-cream is my most recent craze after my trip from Japan, so it was a no brainer for me to settle for the Black Sesame with fried yam ($15). The ice-cream here are all imported from Japan.
Rants Other than the cramp space and limited seating capacity, Chotto Matte has been nothing short of impressive.

Will I return again? Chotto Matte is definitely one promising Japanese restaurant which I would add to my list of to-go. I am already looking forward to trying the rest of the skewers, the wagyu beef don and perhaps the omakase if my wallet permits.

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Chotto Matte
54 Blair Road, #01-01
Singapore 089954
Tel: +65 6222 8846

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 5pm – midnight

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