Food Review: Paul Boulangerie Singapore | Longstanding French Bakery & Patisserie

The Place When PAUL boulangerie opened two years ago in Singapore, it created a frenzy as this is a brand familiar to some Singaporeans who have been to its overseas outlets. Famous for its bread and desserts, I first knew PAUL when I was introduced to its macaroons few years back, not knowing that it has come such a long way. The brand is fast expanding in Singapore, slated to open its seventh outlet in Changi Airport by the end of this year, and there is no better time to introduce their new menu during this period as it celebrates its 125th Anniversary this year.

The Food We were privileged to try six out of the twenty six new dishes on PAUL’s menu this time round. For a good start, we were greeted with some complimentary baguette and home made butter, made freshly from the milk from France.


We were recommend by the staff to try some of the new beverages on the menu, and could not miss ordering the Macaroon Frappe (Choice of Chocolate, Raspberry, Pistachio and Vanilla) where you can pick the choice of your macaroon flavour to be blended, akin to milk shake but a more refined version. We had the Chocolate Macaroon Frappe ($8.50) which was awesomely rich, to an optimal point where we didn’t feel too overloaded at the end of it.

For something more refreshing, we would suggest the Iced Camomile Tea ($7.50).
IMG_1785For starters, we were introduced to the new Salade de la mer ($20.90) which was easily the most vibrant and colourful salad we have had. The dish is essentially a seafood salad, which combines fresh prawns, mussels and octopus, balanced by the myriad of healthy components such as avocado and grapefruit. It was quite a huge platter, so we would recommend sharing this dish if you are conscious of a healthy start to your meal.


Another amazing dish we tried was the Tartine Boeuf ($19.90), which reminded us of tapas style dining. The medium sirloin steak was served in open sandwich style on the freshly baked bread, coupled with caramelised onions which enhanced the overall taste of the dish. And to lessen the guilt, there are some greens as sides to balance the dish. This was meant to be a great start for steak lovers.

IMG_1787For mains, we had the Longe de thon ($29.90) which was a dish meant specially for tuna lovers. The seasoned tuna loin was grilled to the right degree for my palate, served with roasted vegetables and cranberry sauce. I was quite impressed with the overall presentation of the dish, in terms of the vibrancy of the colours of the ingredients used as well as the display.


The other main we tried was the Confit de canard ($28.90). The slow roast herb marinated duck leg was served with roasted vegetables and cranberry sauce.

We were looking forward to the desserts and had the Gaufre avec glace ($13.90), a towering Waffle with Vanilla bean Ice-cream. The vanilla ice-cream was my favourite part of this dessert, as the stiff texture of the waffles did not go quite well with me.
The Eclair Paris-Brest ($7.50) was easily one of our favourites of the meal, especially so as I am a big fan of hazelnut. The chunky serving made it ideal for sharing, while I assure that the rich hazelnut cream is bound to satisfy any hazelnut lovers.


Will I return again? We like the concept of PAUL refreshing their menu periodically to provide diners a different experience. The desserts are the main draw for us at PAUL and it is always nice to be back for that.

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