Snippets: The thing about giving thanks

One of my Christmas gifts this year is a pair of Wonder Woman socks. It is about calf length, is spotted with blue and red stars that are rimmed in yellow. Along the edges that wrap around my leg, multiple scantily clad Wonder Woman figures stand with feet firm and arms on hips. The big hair and steady gaze are repeated like on a carousel of heroism.

The last time I wore socks was about two years ago.


Year-ends are always a tricky thing. Things slow down at work but there’s next year’s sprint beginning to gun for; self-reflection is obviously on the books but So Much Shopping To Do! Preparations ensue for another year’s of “I will lose weight and look so hot” while calls are made, dinner for 3, Omakase menu please. Along this ever more intensifying rides of fast and slow and high and low it is so easy to bite down and charge through things.

Back in my competitive dancing days (I sucked. Don’t even) my height and limbs were always brought out for their performative potential. “Extend your arms! Make those lines with your body! Extend extend connect with the audience! Seduce them! Connect with your partner! Turn turn POSE!” It was always big actions, big expressions, wanting attention taking the limelight and absorbing all energy to seem like that single pinpoint of desire, that ultimate symbol of anything you have ever wanted. It’s in me, it’s me, all here now, so come here, you.

…And, yet, so many moments we cherish are, well, moments. A spot of sunshine. A hug on a bad day. A hot man after a week of ugly smelly people. (Kidding) (not really)

So I have somehow realised this, the thing about giving thanks is that it really is always in the details, in the moments, in those ephemeral sparkles that light our world with hope, and love, and magic.

trp xmas logo theRantingPanda has been deeply blessed this year. We had fun at the Singapore Blog Awards, which was amazing and a humbling experience for us. In the midst of humdrum daily living, we have toiled at our day jobs and celebrated all the surprising nooks and crannies of Singapore’s food scene. We have met so many others who also enjoy good food and good laughs together, and take pictures and write about these experiences so that many more may also have these great dishes with great friends.

We have had to go the gym so much more. Like no kidding kind of workout. Cause the belly is last warning. Really.

Throughout all of this, we have only ever been doing what we love – eat good food, with good company, and sharing them with others. Such a small thing, and your continuing support has, hand on heart, touched us in a really big way. You may not know how much you have helped us grow. With every read, every like on Facebook, every like on Instagram, every conversation and every time you remember there is a humble blog called theRantingPanda – we jump for joy and do our #happydance. It’s quite cute. You want to see?

In the coming year, on behalf of my cherished theRantingPanda friends, I wish you blessing of dear ones who give you socks you don’t need, and who brighten your life with exceeding sunshine you thought you didn’t deserve.

theRantingPanda team wishes you many lovely days in the year ahead.

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4 Comments on Snippets: The thing about giving thanks

  1. You’re absolutely right, life is in the details. The devil as well. So wear those socks.


  2. Happy New Year..looking forward to another Belly Full Year. Hope to see you around soon.


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