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The Place With Valentine’s Day (and the Chinese New Year) just round the corner, we will be spending lots of our weekends planning for that special day and fretting over where to bring that special someone for a dinner!

Fret no more!

Here’s a tip from our namesake foodpanda, the 10 “most” romantic places in Singapore!


Of course, there are more romantic locations in Singapore than just the list above, just note their postal code and head to to order your favourites from their list of restaurants!

The Website Whenever we mention food delivery in Singapore, the usual fast food and pizza deliveries will top the list. It always feel good to hole up at the comfort of home and have our favourites deliver right to the door-step. Now now, we have mentioned about the food delivery service provider foodpanda on various occasions since, but just how fuss free or troublesome is this service?! So, we are putting the service to a test – twice to be exact!

Step 1 – Enter the postal code of your delivery location!


Step 2 – Just choose which restaurants you want your food delivery from!


Just an excerpt of the more than hundred food joints delivered by the foodpanda!

Step 3 – Check out the restaurant menu, foodies’ reviews and most importantly, the “info” tab! The last tab gives you information on the delivery time required, the delivery hours, payment types and also the delivery charges (just so you know, some of the restaurants have free deliveries!)


Step 4 – Once you are done with your selections, Check-out your orders!


At this page, you will know the total cost and also the estimated delivery time.

Step 5 – Sit back, relax and wait for your order to arrive now! But before that, if you are ever so eager as theRantingPanda to make very sure the food to going to be arriving on time, just click on the LiveChat function on the foodpanda’s website OR you can use the more traditional mode of ringing up their hotline (dial 658-YUMMY, yea it does feel a little cliche!).

foodpanda - livechat

Actual printscreen of the LiveChat, which we tested during our last delivery – must add that this really worked well especially when the replies were almost close to instant! tRP made a call to their hotline on our second deliver testing, and their customer service made a return call to confirm the delivery shortly. So, on customer service, we are keen to give them the thumbs-up!

Rants Nothing is perfect. So here are some rants to our fellow name-sake:
– Checkout can fail. Our second order sent us straight into an error page, which caused us a little frustration, not until the customer service hotline came to our rescue when they confirmed our order got through successfully.
– Your food may not arrive at the stipulated time. But in this island country, not even the taxi uncles dare to promise you your arrival time!
– is just not for a party of two! Sadly, with the delivery cost and minimum order, getting your comfort food delivered to your door step may cost you a little too much.


When you are planning to throw a party soon, or when you are too lazy that day to even step out of your bed, probably can come to your rescue!

Hotline: 658-YUMMY (6589 8669)

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