Food Review: Mr Berlin | German currywurst in CBD [CLOSED]

The Place Opened late last year, Mr Berlin eatery is one of the latest addition to the bustling Shenton Way, which is always welcoming for the CBD crowd with another lunch or after-dinner chill-out option. Located just beside Asia Square, the concept of Mr Berlin is to offer authentic currywurst in Singapore, where it prides itself in serving handcrafted sausages with no preservatives from a traditional German recipe.
IMG_5451The Food The menu is a fuss-free one pager, choose from the Chicken or Pork Sausage ($9.80) which comes served with it’s signature curry ketchup or mustard sauce, with the freshly baked organic bread roll. I like both the chicken and pork sausages, which were grilled to a nice springy texture, especially comforting with the midly spicy curry sauce.

IMG_5469For cheese lovers, go for the Cheese Sausage ($9.80).
IMG_5479The ultra long Hot Dog “Special” ($9.50) is made of Nuernberger veal sausage topped with ketchup, mustard, minced onions and curry powder on a freshly baked organic bread roll. Pricer than the usual hot dog buns found elsewhere, the generous portions and well-mixed ingredients made up for the price, which I would recommend for sharing.
IMG_5472Other than sausages, some sides to order include the Classic fries ($3.50), Freshly baked organic bread roll ($2) and the Curry fries “Special” ($5.50) which is topped with its homemade curry ketchup, mayonnaise, curry powder and minced onions.
IMG_5484One word of advice to all, have their food before it turns cold – the bread will lose it’s crisp and the sausage will lose it’s juicy bite.

Of course, there is always reason to celebrate a long working day by having some German beer, such as the Weihenstephan Lager draft beer ($6.50 for 0.25l, $12 for 0.5l) or the Weihenstephan Weissbeer ($12.50 for 0.5l).
IMG_5496Rants The dining area is open concept with no air-conditioning, so do not expect the most comfortable ambience to chill. The menu might seem limited, but this is probably My Berlin’s commitment to focus on serving good quality sausages.

Will I return again? Definitely not the cheapest place for lunch during work days, but if you are are craving for that German sausage or a nice little corner to down some German beer, than Mr Berlin might just make darn sure you get the real deal!

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

Mr Berlin
1 Shenton Way
#01-09, Singapore 068803

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday: 11am – 10pm

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4 Comments on Food Review: Mr Berlin | German currywurst in CBD [CLOSED]

  1. This place looks amazing. Need more German food/hot dog joints, and Mr Berlin caters for both. I must try it!


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