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The Place We all have days when we win at nothing. The hair is bad, the weather is nuts, the feet hurt from the heels, the deal falls through, the cute man doeth noteth texteth…Things stink, basically.

On such days, behold the paragon of comfort food: burgers, spam fries, chicken wings, and beer.

Cue happy dance at De Burg.

The Food The first thing you need to accept is there is no health streak here. De Burg wears its comfort food identity loud and proud, and gives you a selection worthy of all the clogged arteries in the world. Think lots of meat, heaps of fried bread, and chunks of fries.

Spam fries is the new truffle fries. Having grown up on the boiled cubes of luncheon meat in porridge, the fried version literally blew my mind when I first tasted it. Since then, I have religiously ordered this dish every time I see it. I have also have had to change my entire wardrobe because of my exploding behind.

Spam fries ($12) is one of my favourite items. It is coated in a homemade batter and lightly fried, ending in a crispy outside and a soft, chewy inside. The thickness of the fries is also en pointe. Worth the calories, ladies, worth the calories.
IMG_7453e Fried chicken wings ($8 for 6, $15 for 12) is another hot shot – the mid-wing joints are surprisingly juicy, a nice detour from the malnourished stuff I’ve been popping elsewhere.
IMG_7449eSkye’s Grand Sampler ($35.50) is a platter of 6 sliders for tasting: Asian Chicken, Crab (Salted Egg Yolk or Black Pepper), Choco Lamb, Plain Beef, Pork with Cheese, and Fish. This is awesome if you are indecisive and greedy like me – I really enjoyed the crab slider. There is something crazy good about the buns, too. They are soft, fried, and plain mounds of awesome. I clocked my running quota quite happily for this one.
IMG_7476eBeing the bottomless pits of hunger that we are, we also ordered the De Burg ($18.50), which comes with 200g Australian beef patty, barbeque sauce, cheese, grilled crispy bacon, grilled Portobello mushroom, greens, tomato, onion and mayonnaise. This one is Ranter’s and Rantee’s favourite burger, for the good old-fashioned unbeatable combination of hearty meat in between soft buns. Ah, the tales we can all tell of that. 😉
IMG_7488eAll burger patties at De Burg are prepared without binders; the meat’s proteins are used instead. We pondered on this as we chomped on The Singhjector ($19.50), which is pork patty with Iberico chorizo and grilled crispy bacon. This one was a bit salty for our liking.
IMG_7482eChoco Lamb ($6.20 for 50g, $12 for 100g, $19 for 200g) is a lamb patty with Nutella. Yes, Nutella and lamb. This was an extraordinarily unusual combination, and while it worked for me in the small serving I took, the Ranter and Rantee did not fancy the fancy duo. I say it’s worth a try. One try. Come on. It’s Nutella.
IMG_7494eWorthy of mention here is that there is free flow French fries when you purchase any burger and dine in. If you are a cynic like me, you would also have expected the fries to be meh. Well, they aren’t. The thickly cut straight fries are just a touch salted, and crispy enough outside, soft enough on the inside. I can bite and chomp through them all day, any day.

De Burg also serves beer on tap, and bottled and canned drinks for your glugging pleasure. Feel free to ask for an optimal pairing to go with your chosen meatfest!

Rants The non-alcoholic drink selection is dismal. The homemade Thai Iced Tea ($4) was simply too sweet for us. And it was thin. Thin and too sweet, that is one difficult apex to reach if you ask me.

There are no hot drinks or free iced water, which made it tough for me to decide on getting the chargeable bottled water instead. Is this too much to ask? I can’t tell when I am entitled to something and when I am being a brat anymore.

Will I Return Again? For the spam fries, the good crab burger, the salted egg-yolk everything, the surprisingly good (and endless) fries – a resounding yes.

I would probably just bring my own water, or drink too much beer and start doing the Macarena.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud:
Hole in the pocket:
Overall Experience:

De Burg
2 Kallang Avenue #02-15
CT Hub
Singapore 339407
Tel: +65 6538 2874

Opening hours:
Mondays to Fridays:
Food from 11.15am to 3pm and 5.45pm to 9.45pm
Drinks and side orders only from 3pm to 5.45pm

Weekends and Public Holidays:
11.15am to 9.45pm

Closed on every last Monday and Tuesday of the month.

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