Snippets: #BuildSG2065 | A creative contest for all

What: Do you have a vision for Singapore in the next 50 years by 2065? As we celebrate #SG50 this year, which the whole team of theRantingPanda is very proud of, we feel that there is still so much more we can envision in our garden city. There is an ongoing contest organised by The Straits Times and CapitaLand for everyone to submit their creative ideas on how they see Singapore in 2065, under one of these selected topics: Go Green – Smart Spaces – Space-Age Kampungs – Weatherproof World.

It is all about creativity, as the judges are not looking to see how feasible the ideas can be implemented. So be bold to think!

How: Submissions can be made at the #BuildSG2065 contest website, which can be in text, video, or image. Top 50 ideas stand to win prizes (refer to!

When: Contest runs from now until 30 April 2015. Don’t wait, go dream now!

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So, you may ask, what’s theRantingPanda’s vision?

We decided that we would love an idea which encapsulates all the 4 themes the judges are looking for:

Go Green: Retrofit Solar Panels on top of all buildings in Singapore, and why stop there?! Install them atop bus stops, shelters, street lights and even moving vehicles, like our public buses and even our private cars!

Smart Spaces: Don’t let Marina Bay Sands wow you further, bring it home! Let’s build swimming pools and even other sports facilities (i.e. Badminton, Basketball, Soccer courts) on top of our HDB blocks! This save spaces, and provides more convenience actually! We don’t have to walk too far to our community sports facilities anymore!

Space-Age Kampungs: OK, this is too scientific a theme! To bring it back to earthy Singapore, the idea of having sports facilities right above our HDB blocks definitely help enhance the Kampung spirit again!

Weatherproof World: I know, all of us wants an air-conditioned dome to be built above our little Island. But, that’s abit tough ain’t it? While it may not be weather proof, the water from the rain spurs the growth of greens, the sun rays helps power our essential electronics and the wind, it dries our clothes.


So, what’s on your mind for #BuildSG2065 ?

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