Food Review: Catalunya Singapore | Spanish cuisine with a view of Singapore [CLOSED]

The Place If you were to ask me which is the best Spanish restaurant in Singapore that offers the best city view, Catalunya is my best answer. Located in Fullerton Pavilion, the restaurant is somewhat floating on the water, with splendid views of Singapore skyline and the world famous Marina Bay Sands. I like how spacious the whole 120-seat restaurant is, and there is bound to be a different angle of Singapore no matter which table you are at. 
IMG_0913The Food
For only weekdays, Catalunya has launched a three course Executive Set Lunch at $38++, which is quite value for money especially for tourists and business lunches. Most of the dishes on the set lunch menu are reviewed and changed every two weeks and we do not spot most of it on its regular menu.

For starters, I tried the Figueres Onion Soup with Fried Eggs. The presentation is quite unique as I watched the Spanish waiter pour the onion soup over the dome-like egg. It is quite a novel combination for me, as I like the rich and tasty flavour of the onion soup, while the fried egg is a great complimentary dish to take in as well.
IMG_0957e IMG_0972e
For mains, the Homemade Vegetarian Ravioli with Parma Cream is rich and creamy as it sounds.
For dessert, I had the Banana Pudding which is light and fluffy in its texture, perfect for those who crave for something light to finish off the lunch set.
Of course, a visit to Catalunya is not complete without trying the tapas and mains menu. The Jamon Iberio ($55) is one of the signature tapas here and any true blue Spanish cuisine lover should definitely try this.
IMG_0942I did not expect much of the Bread with Tomato ($10) as it sounds like an ordinary bread, but this is in fact one of the signature tapas dish at Catalunya. The tomato bread is infused with olive oil, which tastes very good on its own.
IMG_0939How about some Spherical Olives ($3 each) next? The membrane-like texture of the olives is like a thin wall, which explodes once I popped it in my mouth. I have never tasted olives in this fashion before.
IMG_0932The Catalunya Tartar ($20) came as a surprise for me as I was expecting some form of meat tartar. It sure looks like meat but this is actually a pure tomato dish, including the foam lookalike. I do see traces of molecular gastronomy here at Catalunya.
IMG_0934The Avocado Roll ($25) is filled with fresh shredded lobster wrapped with strips of avocado and topped with caviar, which is straight from the rendition in one of the most famous Tapas restaurants in Barcelona known as Tickets Bar. The variation from the original is that the version here at Catalunya Singapore is infused with some Japanese elements, such as the Japanese fish roe and Ponzu sauce. Needless to say, the overall taste of the combination of the myriad premium ingredients is fantastic.
IMG_0950eTo say that I love eggs may seem an understatement, which explains my excitement when I saw the Classic Tortilla de Patatas ($15). I did nto expect much of fried eggs intitally, but this classic tortilla managed to surprise me with its flavourful taste, especially when it is only prepared from three simple ingredients: eggs, onions and potato. As what some chefs will say, the simplest dish is always the most challenging to present.
IMG_1040We were recommended to try The other Spanish Tortilla ($16), a twist from the classic tortilla I had above. No I didn’t order a cocktail, not knowing what is going to come in the next few moments. The waiter prepared our “cocktail” at our table, as I watched with anticipation how this is even Tortilla. Interestingly, it is a unique version so full of layers, from the vibrant yellow colour which form the base to the foamy egg white, filled with pieces of onions at the bottom. Stick your spoon to the base of the glass and taste the different layers of the Tortilla, you will be pleasantly surprised.
IMG_0996e IMG_1010eWhen I saw The Bikini ($20) on the menu, I thought I was at a beach club restaurant for a moment. Well, the name of the dish is a suspense on its own. And the big revelation is that it is essentially a sandwich, with ham, cheese and truffle with cured Iberico ham. The truffle smell and taste is the star ingredient here, as it totally filled up my senses. I will never look at sandwiches the same again.
IMG_1055eOne of the best selling dish at Catalunya is the whole Suckling Pig, which is a huge portion. The best way for a small group is to try the Sucking Pig Tapa ($22), which is good enough to get a sense of this signature dish. Indeed, the suckling pig from Spain is all succulent for its meat, and it helps that the skin is crispy as well. This is one of the best Spanish Suckling Pig I have tried.
IMG_1057eLobster Rice ($80) with fresh grilled lobster. The fragrant rice is cooked in fresh lobster broth and there is no need to snatch over that piece of lobster meat with the generous portions.
IMG_1077eI asked for dessert recommendation and was told that the Torrija with Smoked Milk Ice-cream ($14) is one of the signature desserts here. Indeed, there is nothing not to love about this dessert. I can’t recall if I have had Torrija in my life before, but this rendition is so good. That crispy texture of the bread with a faint scorch, coupled with the Milk Ice-cream with its slightly smoked layer. I highly recommend you to try this if you have a chance to visit Catalunya.

Catalunya will be having its Spanish brunch on both Saturdays and Sundays from 16 May 2015 onwards. The iconic long weekend brunch starts from 12.30pm, featuring more than 40 traditional Spanish brunch dishes laid around the bar area and more from the menu that is prepared to order. In one seating, guests will be able to sample all of Catalunya’s signature dishes such as the Segovian Suckling Pig, Seafood Paella, Bikini as well as The Other Spanish Tortilla.

Priced at $98++ per person with an option to top up $48++ per person for free-flow alcohol.

Rants I can return every month if the prices are more wallet friendly. So my best hack is to gather friends and share the tapas, the calories and the cost!

Will I return again? Looking for a nice restaurant to bring your foreign friends or a romantic meal? I think Catalunya meets the mark of being one of the best Spanish restaurant in Singapore.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Catalunya Singapore
The Fullerton Pavilion
82 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049327
Tel: +65 6534 0886

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday Lunch: 12 noon – 2.30pm
Monday – Sunday Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm
Monday – Sunday Bar: 12noon – Till late
Saturday / Sunday Brunch: 12.30pm – 4pm

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