Food Review: Paddy Hills | Fusion restaurant at South Buona Vista Road

The Place Westies in Singapore rejoice! Paddy Hills is a fairly new cafe and restaurant which opened its doors recently along South Buona Vista Road. I have seen a lot of pretty pictures of the brunch fares and reviews on social media, so I was quite excited to check out its dinner menu. The setting of Paddy Hills is quite casual and cosy, with a rather huge communal table near the entrance, as well as bar seats where you can watch the baristas or bartenders in action.
For the dinner menu, there is a wide mix of options, which I will classify as Asian Fusion cuisine as there are hints of various Asian influences in most of the dishes. There are Sharing dishes if you come in a group, or Singles for the individual soul and a rather wide range of Japanese style Yakitori as bar bites. I heard that the Quenches are all hard pressed and made from fresh fruits, which is excellent for beverages.

We had the refreshing Yuzu Effervescence ($7) and Pinkish Lemonade ($7) for a start.
IMG_8632eFor sharing, my favourite of the lot is the Steak Ssam ($60), which is basically wagyu short ribs served with kimchi and lettuce. The wagyu short ribs is succulent and well seasoned, and prepared sous vide for three days. I can have it anytime on its own without the lettuce or sauce as I prefer to taste the original beef on its own.
IMG_8702The Hao Da De Ji ($32), which literally means a very big Chicken, is one whole Chicken deboned and roasted. The chicken is prepared sous vide, which probably explains why the meat is quite tender and succulent. The portions are huge as well, so it is good for sharing among 4-5 people. My only rant is that it is slightly on the salty side, so it will be ideal if the salt seasoning can be reduced.
IMG_8687The Golden Man Tou Sliders with Truffle Fries ($30) comes with 3 lamb sliders and 3 pork belly sliders. I was initially excited to see golden man tou (buns), but was disappointed by the slightly tough texture and bland flavour of the bun. The truffle fries are quite addictive though, with a decent truffle taste.
IMG_8661From the Singles menu, go for the Chick N’ Egg ($20) if you fancy something Chinese. It comes with garlic fried rice served with fried chicken, fried chicken skin and sous vide egg. I like the fragrant garlic fried rice most, and my least favourite part is the fried chicken skin which tasted just like anything fried.
IMG_8668The other Singles I tried was the Moo ($28), Japanese ramen with wagyu rump, mushrooms and egg. The beef broth was prepared for 22 hours, which gave it a rich flavour. For $28, it is not a ramen to have on every other day. The only justifiable piece is the wagyu rump, which comes in a few slices.
IMG_8657Rants For a casual restaurant, the price at Paddy Hills is on the steep end unfortunately. To be fair, there are many factors to consider in pricing the food but the price of the Steak Ssam ($60) and Moo ($28) ramen will probably put some customers off. For all drivers, parking space is limited as well.

Will I Return Again? I have heard some rave reviews about the brunch menu, which I will be keen to try next if I am in the vicinity in future.

TheRantingPanda says:

Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road
Singapore 118164
Tel: +65 6479 0800

Opening Hours
Daily: 9.30am – 10pm

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