Food Review: Harry’s Bar Singapore | New menu, refreshed concept

The Place Well, Harry’s needs no further introduction. Been around since 1992, serving us with our after-work drinks and accompanying us through the various nerve-wrecking sport games. And if those weren’t enough, they now want to be part of Singapore’s transformation in upping our culinary excellence!

Harry's Logo

The Food Harry’s revamped menu includes the bar bites Small Plates and Sharing Platters; and for the hungry souls, the Big Plates items.

This new addition Fish Cracklings ($13) kicks off the meal to a good start. Just get some of this crispy little things, definitely a must to down with your beers here.

IMG_0599eWe had it before, but this Harry’s Signature Wings ($13 for 6 pieces | $19 for 10 pieces) is still amongst the better fried chicken compliments of any drinking nights. Way better than the usual plain fried chicken we are served at at other drinking joints. IMG_0619eCrab & Potato Cakes ($19) made from blue swimmer crab and of course, potato. Accompanied with Sirarcha tomato dip, which went down well. Not too spicy, if you are fearing that element. IMG_0613e Is it just me, or crabmeat pasta seems to be getting popular these days? That said, this Crabmeat Spaghettini ($23) definitely ranks amongst the better renditions of it. Tomato sauce based, done al dente, a good start to a nights out at Harry’s!

IMG_0662eServed with charcoal breads, the Chicken Masala ($23) is another new item on Harry’s revamped menu. This rather sweet curry ain’t spicy at all, probably more spices into the pot will do the trick? IMG_0644eLove my burgers, and these Jalapeno Steak Sliders ($13) fared well. Juicy steak, paired with the jalapeno cheese sauce, you get the idea? IMG_0633eOf course, if Harry’s wants you to take them seriously on this menu revamp, it has to endeavour to melt your hearts with its delectable desserts! Introducing the Toffee Apple Crisp Tart ($14), thinly sliced apples, topped with vanilla ice cream.
IMG_0670eAnd the Baked Chocolate Cake ($16), think of it as lava cake without the lava, soft texture and topped with vanilla ice cream and rum!

IMG_0683eRants The common preconception is to regard Harry’s as a Beer place, rather than a dining destination.

Will I return again? Despite our rants, we had a rather satisfying meal at Harry’s with their revamped menu. Whilst they will always remain a top choice for a nights out after work, we can probably also settle our pre-drinks meal at Harry’s now!

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3D River Valley Road, #01-01, Singapore 179023
Tel: +65 6338 7331
and at 19 other locations around Singapore!

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 12noon – 1am
Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holidays: 12noon – 3am

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