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The Place It’s a premium food court, of course, serving premium renditions of local delights as well. Palette is the latest addition to the newest mall in town, Capitol Piazza. Diners are ushered to their seats, and despite the various kitchens and booths around the restaurant, all you need to is to make your orders through the iPad. When billing, just grab all the receipts placed on your desk earlier, and make the payment at the exit counters of Palette.


With more than 400 seats, Palette seeks to bring food court dining to another level.IMG_3204

The Food There are 10 concepts housed within Palette, from the Johor Bahru popular fish ball noodle Ah Koong Restaurant to Hong Kong’s Hok Kee Authentic Hong Kong Noodle & Congee. Restaurant chain Ah Yat Seafood Kitchen and other local restaurants, including Balestier Ba Kut Teh, Delhi 6, IndoChili, Yong Xin Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle and Huat Huat BBQ makes up the remaining tenants within this new establishment.

Some of the most satisfying mains at Palette comes from this store – IndoChili. Their Sate Ayam Madura ($8.80 for 5 pcs) was delish and that homemade peanut sauce was the main reason.


Don’t miss out on the Nasi Tumpeng Mini by IndoChili ($9.50) as well. If your taste buds are like mine, loving rice which are more mushy and chilli more tamed, this is the perfect plate of rice for us! I can do with more of the curry gravy though, would have made this a more satisfying meal.


Another should-try here, the Pork Ribs Soup (Premium) by Balestier Bak Kut Teh ($9.50), prepared in the teochew-style. What I like about this was the more subtle peppery broth, which makes the soup so much more enjoyable. The ribs here was soft and juicy in texture, and while not exactly inexpensive, it is still relatively affordable as a food court option.


You cannot really go wrong with BBQ Wings, can you? These Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings by Huat Huat BBQ ($12 for 6 wings) tasted just like the ones we are familiar with in our neighbourhood hawker centres; just twice the price!


This is definitely not the best Hainanese Steamed Chicken, by Little Nanyang ($9 quarter chicken, $17 for half), I have had. Felt the chicken overly bland and lacking of character.


Other mains you should consider while at Palette includes the Dry Fishball Noodles by Ah Koong ($7.90, Middle left), Fried Hokkien Crayfish Mee by Yong Xin ($15, Top left) and Baked Rice with Abalone by Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant ($18, Middle bottom). Strongly recommend the mains from Ah Koong, the noodles are done much alike to that of Pontian Noodles – with the black sauce.


Palette surprisingly serve up some good desserts, including this Golden Chilled Mango Soup with Mango & Citrus Fruits by 90 Gastro Bar ($8). I will recommend anyone visiting Palette to try this – that blend of mango ice cream, mango puree and coconut milk was devilicious!


Rants The prices at Palette seems rather steep for the common man fare serve here.

Will I Return Again? An ideal place to bring your foreign friends to have a taste of Singapore local delights in the comfort of an air-conditioned restaurant serving very decent food. For the locals, we can definitely enjoy these hawker fare at the coffee shop below, and at way lower prices. Doubtful I am actually a target customer for Palette.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud:
Hole in the pocket: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience:

13 Stamford Road
Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178905
Tel: 6384 3359
Opening Hours
Daily 11.00am – 1030pm
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  1. Bad coordination as It takes 25mins to serve the next course. The server need to be more attentive! Food is average.


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