Food Review: Charcoal Pit @ Tanjong Pagar | A surprise find at the Rooftop of Realty Centre [Moved]

The Place I work in Tanjong Pagar in the day but never have I really gave Realty Centre a second glance. Little did I expect that there is a relatively new rooftop dining concept on the top level (level 12) in the building. Opened merely a month, Charcoal Pit is a hidden gem in the working district. With mainly indoor seats and a small alfresco rooftop dining area, I find it a nice spot to unwind after work, with the rustic, unpretentious setting in an old complex somehow give this place the extra charm. Be awed by the surrounding buildings in Tanjong Pagar while you are up here, slowly witnessing the recent new developments, in contrast with the dated buildings like the one Charcoal Pit is in!

*Charcoal Pit has moved to 879 Bukit Timah Road

The Food No prizes for guessing how the food is cooked here at Charcoal pit, as the brand believes grilling meats over charcoal imparts a certain flavor. Expect burgers, grilled pork ribs and steaks here, with daily specials such as Pulled Pork Burger.

I had the Pork Cheek ($23) grilled with house-made teriyaki barbecue sauce. This was so good, I swear I can have two plates of it. The pork cheeks were amazingly tender, not sure if it is because of the charcoal method of grilling. That said, the winning formula for me was definitely the sweet teriyaki sauce which added so much punch into the pork cheek. My only rants are the lacklustre sides, and it didn’t help that I am no big fan of cabbage slaw or corn. Throw me some fries or mashed potatoes anytime.

We also had The Charcoal Pit Burger ($15), which by its name seems to be a signature here. The burger is made from 100% Angus beef (150g) and char-grilled to medium-done, served with lettuce, tomatoes, Charcoal Pit House sauce with a side of crispy fries. While the portion of the burger is not huge, I found much satisfaction in the juiciness of the patty. Despite so, the Rantee was complaining that the standard and portion were not that worth it for its price.

If you are just up for drinks, there is happy hour before 7pm for its beers on tap, ciders and wine.

Rants The plating and presentation of the food is quite amateurish, it would be better if there was more effort in the plating. Another small rant is that the overall décor of the setting feels quite makeshift, but it did give me the much needed chill-out vibe after a hard day at work.

Will I Return Again? Rooftop dining in CBD seems to be a winning formula, I will imagine Charcoal Pit to grow in its popularity among the working crowd here in time to come. As for me, this is a nice chill-lax spot with friends or colleagues where I can feel at ease, without any glamour attached to the place.

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Charcoal Pit
15 Enggor Street
#12-00 Realty Centre
Singapore 079716
Tel: +65 8822 5991

Opening Hours
Monday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm

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