Snippets: SG50 and the Tree the Pandas planted

It’s almost the end of the SG50 year and we thought that the best way to conclude the year is not to bombard you with food porn, but we wanted to share our tree planting experience this year, something #theRantingPanda team has always wanted to do. If there is one thing the passing of our beloved Mr Lee Kuan Yew has left behind, one indisputable legacy is the garden city he had inspired for Singapore. We were excited to know that we are able to plant a tree and leave a small footprint in our own country through the Garden City Fund, even if it means waiting in line for a few months as the slots were quite full this year due to SG50. Nevertheless, it has never felt more satisfying for us on the actual tree planting day, regardless of  how small the difference we are making.


The whole tree planting process was over before I knew it. We made our way to Bedok Town Park, where we were briefed by Nparks stuff on the process followed by a short demonstration by professional workers. To be honest, we didn’t put in much effort at all because everything from the shovel to the watering can were properly laid out for us. It was nice to see many other families along with their kids planting their trees, particularly more so when we overheard quite a number of foreigners in the crowd as well. Isn’t this how we would love Singapore to be, where everyone does a part for our living environment regardless of nationality?


Of course, when we say we didn’t put in much effort, it doesn’t mean no effort. We were evidently working hard to plant our #theRantingPanda tree! We chose a corner spot which we thought we will be able to distinguish after 20 years, and we randomly picked a Tembusu tree, well-known to be resilient and strong, also known as the 5 dollar note tree!




If you are also interested to plant your own tree in Singapore, do check out the Garden City Fund website and book the next tree!

tRP SG50 Logo

And for one last time, Happy SG50 and to an awesome 2016 ahead! Cheers!

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