Food Review: Oscar’s at Conrad Centennial Singapore | Brand new Supercharged Sunday Brunch buffet

The Place It is not uncommon to see hotels revamp its buffet line periodically, given how competitive the dining scene is these days. One of our well-trusted buffet line Oscar’s at Conrad Centennial Singapore has recently revamped its Supercharged Sunday Brunch this month with a few exciting highlights.

The Food
Seafood and desserts have been the forte of Oscar’s to me, but there are some noticeable highlights exclusive to the Sunday Brunch which I choose to attack on. Afterall, there is only so much you can eat and it is wise to prioritise your calories.

For oysters lovers, there are four types of freshly shucked oysters from France, Ireland and Canada. Don’t miss the fresh Boston lobsters and Cherrystone clams too!

The Japanese counter has also included more sashimi variations, with the likes of Tuna, Salmon, Swordfish, Snapper, Hamachi, and Ika.

From the carving station, we are quite sure no buffet line in Singapore serves “London Duck”, specially imported from Ireland. We can see that this is extremely popular with diners with its tender duck meat, we understood they are serving more than 4 ducks for each of their Sunday brunch buffets since introducing this!

The Suckling Pig counter is another highlight of the Sunday Brunch spread, slow-roasted in either the Argentinian, Mauritian or Chinese-style, on weekly rotation.

And you will get your tender Oven roast US Prime Rib too.

One of the highlight of the Sunday Brunch is also the Chef’s Crab Creations, which rotates every week. I thought this is a nice twist to the usual chilli crab or black pepper crab, where I tried the delish Indonesian crabs cooked with galangal, coriander, fresh chillies, tamarind, coconut cream and fresh herbs.

Live station is something I really look forward to in every buffet, who doesn’t like their dishes prepared a la minute? The must try for me is the Organic Eggs station, presenting the soft poached with cauliflower purée, sautéed spinach, foie gras and truffle oil espuma, espelette chilli and Fleur de sel or eggs benedict. Try the Pan-seared foie gras with Fleur de sel vanilla salt, apple and passion fruit too.

Love your pastas? You can pretty much customise the pasta you fancy from the Organic Pasta live station, with a choice of two types of pasta or one risotto prepared à la minute with choice of homemade organic tomato sauce; Coulis of piquillos, smoked paprika and small capers sauce; or Dijon mustard, sautéed mushroom and cream sauce.

As if this is not enough, you may overlook the outdoor Noodle Bar live station area which dishes out local delights, such as Laksa, slow-cooked Beef Cheek Noodles, Slipper Lobster Noodle with pork ribs, Fish Noodle Soup and “Bak Chor Mee”.

I must applaud Oscar’s for trying to make its diners feel “healthier” and more balanced in its buffet spread. I was surprised to see how extensive the Salad Bar is,to be exact, it is a 4 metre-long bar featuring over 30 toppings including organic chia seeds, Montmorency cherries and red raisins, gluten-free mung bean chips and Arame wild seaweed. There is a selection of ten small plates including Chefs’ creations such as Quinoa with fava beans, roasted pumpkin, fresh mint and grapefruit; Vietnamese salad of Sous vide duck breast with fresh herbs, crushed peanuts and smoked Hoisin sauce; Roasted beetroot and green apple slices with grape seed oil and fresh sage. In addition, there are eight dressings including unique homemade dressings such as Blueberry, vanilla bean, Champagne vinegar and yoghurt; Fresh tamarind and kumquat vinaigrette.


The best part for gym goers like myself? Freshly made shakes featuring a variety of superfoods including chia seeds, fresh berries, mangoes, strawberries, Greek yoghurt and Jarrah honey; as well as health supplements such as Whey protein, Lucama, Maca and Camu powder.

Desserts is definitely a forte at Oscar’s for me. Something unique to the Sunday Brunch is the liquid Nitrogen ice-cream station, which I believe you can’t find elsewhere in other buffets. The flambéed crepes suzette station is another one to look out for. Other sweet treats highlights include the Coconut Crunch and Lime Curd, Oscar’s Black Forest Cake, Tofu and Green Tea Panna Cotta and the Cendol Gula Melaka Coconut Espuma. For me, I can have the freshly made waffles with Mövenpick ice-cream anytime.


Enjoying this Supercharged Sunday Brunch at Oscar’s come at a price tag of $98 per pax, inclusive of coffee and tea. For more beverages, opt to top up $20++ with free-flow sparkling wine, house wines and selected cocktails; or $60++ with free-flowing Laurent-Perrier Brut, NV Champagne, house wines and selected cocktails. The Conrad Centennial Singapore Supercharged Sunday Brunch is available every Sunday, from 12.30pm to 3.30pm, at Oscar’s Restaurant, located on the lobby level.

Rants The space at Oscar’s is not that big as compared to some other hotel buffet lines, with a fair share of outdoor tables (which we can’t imagine having our buffet in our climate). It is a must to call well ahead to reserve as well.

Will I Return Again? Not many buffets stay true to quality as it is easy to lose control of so many dishes in the buffet line. We think that the spread at Oscar’s is enough to satisfy the masses, noting that it is definitely not the buffet with the most varieties in Singapore. That said, we trust that you will still walk away feeling satisfied after three hours, and hopefully, feeling supercharged as well.

Make your reservation instantly at Oscar here.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

2 Temasek Boulevard
Lobby Level Conrad Centennial, Singapore 038982
Tel: +65 6432 7481

Opening Hours:
Supercharged Sunday Brunch
Every Sunday: 12.30pm to 3.30pm

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