Snippets: Must-Try Mooncakes to savour this Mid Autumn Festival | Singapore Mooncake Guide 2016

For this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, we came across some really creative packaging and flavours this year for Mooncakes. If you are planning on getting some for your clients, colleagues, friends or loved ones, here are some of the Panda’s top picks for the best mooncakes this year (in alphabetical order, of course!).



What’s new? Chef Pang of Antoinette never fails to surprise us with his creations. The new snowskin mooncakes created this year are unique in their own ways – Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Salted Egg Truffle, Chestnut Lotus Paste with White Chocolate Matcha Truffle and the Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Dark Chocolate Truffle. The most interesting part is that these mooncakes can be enjoyed in two ways, either chilled or lightly warmed if you fancy something oozy. Our preferred way seemed to be the warmed option for most of the flavours we tried as the flavours were more intense as compared to the chilled option. We say go for the salted egg truffle flavour with charcoal snow skin.

Other flavours include the Dark Chocolate Lotus Paste with Crunchy Chocolate Pearls and Osmanthus Marble with Goji Berry.

What’s returning?
Chef Pang ’s original creation, the Macaron Lunar is made with premium low sugar white lotus Paste encasing a rich salted egg yolk.

Prices: From S$48 onwards

Availability: All Items are available in-stores from 1st August, 2016



What’s new? Seems to be a popular new item this year, Bakerzin introduces the Egg Custard Mooncake this season. With only 1000 boxes available, chances are you wouldn’t be enjoying this by the time Mid-Autumn Festival is here, since it will most likely be sold out. Other new snowskin flavours this year includes Champagne Sakura Snow Skin, Chocolate Cream Liquor Snow Skin, and probably an interesting choice, the Black Sesame and Mung Bean Snow Skin.

The Classic flavours
: No worries, some of past years’ favourite will be back too. Taiwan Assam Tea Kumquat Mooncake, XO Scallop Mooncake, Red Date Longan Mooncake and of course the traditional Classic Premium Egg Yolk Mooncakes.

Prices: Starting from S$53.50. Egg Custard Mooncake at S$55.65 per box of 8 pieces.

Availability: Available from 1st August. Check their website for more information.


Crystal Jade

What’s new? This year’s Crystal Jade mooncakes order comes complete with delivery, with just minimum order of 2 boxes; charges apply. This is not all, there are four new snowskin mooncakes this year, with highlights including Chlorella with Melon Seeds and the refreshing Lychee with Pine Nuts. You can go for a box of all the assorted flavours, with 8 mini snowskin mooncakes or even for a smaller box of just 4 mini snowskin mooncakes! Crystal Jade seems to be focusing on making mooncakes more accessible to all this season, with online order and delivery and the mooncakes coming in smaller packaging as well.

The classic flavours: White Lotus Paste with Single or Double Yolk, Mixed Nuts and Ham and the Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts.

Image Credit: Crystal Jade

Image Credit: Crystal Jade

Prices: Small box of either 2 baked or 4 mini snowskins, starting from an affordable S$28 onwards.

Availability: Now till 15th September. Visit their website for more on their mooncakes offerings this season.


Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore

What’s new? At Golden Peony, this year sees the introduction of two alcohol-infused mini snowskin mooncakes – Champagne and Strawberry and Rum and Raisin, in addition to two other new non-alcoholic flavours – Cranberry Cheese and Green Tea with White Chocolate.

The classic flavours: Other perennial mooncakes include a selection of Traditional Baked White Lotus PasteTraditional Baked with Mixed Nuts, as well as Golden Peony’s signature Sweet Potato Mooncake in Crispy Filo Pastry.

Prices: From S$64 onwards

Availability: The mooncakes will be available at The Terrace in Conrad Centennial Singapore from August 15 to September 15, 2016.


Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Singapore

What’s new? Hai Tien Lo at Pan Pacific Singapore presents a selection of seven mooncake flavours this year, with two new flavours being the Green Tea Paste with Single Yolk and Black Sesame with Single Yolk.

The classic flavours: Don’t miss out the Traditional White Lotus Seed Paste with Single or Double Yolk, and White Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Nuts.

What’s returning? Some signatures will always stay, such as Hai Tien Lo’s signature Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake.


Image credit: Pan Pacific Singapore

Splurge: Presented in an elegantly designed packaging, the box of Traditional Four Treasures Mooncakes containing four different flavours of new and signature baked mooncakes (White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk, Black Sesame with Single Yolk, Green Tea Paste with Single Yolk, Vegetarian Mixed Nuts) is ideal as gifts.

Prices: From S$62 onwards

Availability: Between 15 August and 15 September 2016 at Pan Pacific Singapore. Advanced orders placed between 18 July and 14 August 2016 will enjoy an exclusive early bird deal of 25% savings on all prepaid orders. More on their website.


Hilton Singapore

What’s new? From 8 August to 15 September 2016, Hilton Singapore is unveiling four new flavours for its homemade mini snowskin mooncakes. The Signature American Cheesecake mooncake uses 100 percent Philadelphia Cream Cheese, while the Popping Candy reminds us of our distant childhood days. Beneath the pinkish façade, the white lotus paste within the Popping Candy snowskin mooncake is sprinkled with popping candies and balanced with a 72 percent Valrhona dark chocolate taking the centre core. The other two new flavours are the Muscat White Grape and Baileys.

What’s returning? Besides the classic plain white lotus, white lotus with yolks and the traditional mixed nuts mooncakes, look out for fusion creations of green tea walnut; a less sweet option packed with green tea flavor and crunchy walnuts, or the cranberry white lotus mooncake.

From S$55++ per box of six snowskin pieces. Take advantage of the “Early Bird Promotion” and save up to 30 percent off on box purchase when you order before 15 August 2016. For corporate or bulk orders, enjoy a special offer of up to 25 percent off on purchase of 51 boxes and above, with complimentary customization of company logo on the box.

Availability: You can purchase from D9 Cakery, located at Lobby Level, Hilton Singapore.


Imperial Treasure

What’s new? It doesn’t have to be new to be good. Imperial Treasure decides to stick to their good old handmade mooncakes this season, with highlights including their Mini Snow Skin Durian Mooncake as well as the Teochew Single Yolk Yam Pastry. For this year, Imperial Treasure will be all boxed up in the matte gold boxes with lacquer finishing, promising to impress your clients or loved ones in the most elegant fashion.

Image Credit: Imperial Treasure

Image Credit: Imperial Treasure

The classic flavours: You get to be spoilt for choices here, with a selection between the White Lotus or Lotus Paste, and the option for Four, Double, Single or no Yolk for the traditional baked mooncakes. Of course, if you are looking for the Mixed Nuts Mooncakes, Imperial Treasure has that on offer too. If we have not mention, all their mooncakes are made without preservatives, so while the shelf life may be short, you are almost guaranteed to be enjoying them fresh!

Prices: Starting from S$48 onwards

Availability: You can order on their website now, at starting from 1st July, and in stores from 1st August onwards.


Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Sheraton Towers Singapore

What’s new? Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant presents five new mooncake creations this year. One favourite is the Yam Paste Mooncake with Single Yolk in Flaky Pastry which is available in limited quantity each day. The other new baked flavour is Mixed Nuts Mooncake with Li Bai signature X.O. sauce, homemade using premium Japanese scallops. Other new snow skin flavours include the sweet and fruity Mini White Lotus Seed Paste with Lychee Martini Truffle, Mini Green Tea White Lotus Seed Paste with Tiramisu Truffle, and the Mini White Lotus Seed Paste with Chrysanthemum Vodka Truffle.

The classic flavours: Old favourites include the White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks and Yellow Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Nuts.


Prices: From S$58 onwards

Availability: The mooncakes will be available at Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant or Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel Lobby Mooncake booth from 15 August to 15 September 2016. More on their website.


Mandarin Orchard Singapore

What’s new? Salted egg mooncake? You heard it right, as the hotel introduces this year’s new snow skin flavor, Mini Snow Skin Salted Egg Custard with Manuka Honey Corn. Alternatively, something interesting is their signature Baked Mooncake with Mixed Nuts and Jamón Ibérico, using premium Spanish ham.

The classic flavours: Without a doubt, the Baked Mooncake with Single/Double Yolk and White Lotus Paste remains. For the health conscious, a lower sugar variety is available with the Baked Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste.

What’s returning? Last year’s new flavour, Mini Snow Skin Red Wine Cranberry Paste and Yuzu Lemongrass Mooncake makes a return, together with its all-time signature favourite, the Mini Snow Skin Lychee Martini and White Chocolate Mooncake.


Prices: Starting from S$65.

Availability: The mooncakes will be available at the hotel’s Festive Counter at Level 1 Lobby and also at six other locations all over Singapore. More information on their website.


Old Seng Choong

What’s new: Everything. This is the first year Old Seng Choong will be launching their mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival. Founder and baker, Daniel Tay, launched Old Seng Choong late in 2015, he is also the man behind popular bakery chain Bakerzin and our favourite online cheesecake shop, Cat & the Fiddle. Focusing on delivering the classics, Old Seng Choong’s collection are all baked mooncakes, with the exception of their Mao San Wang Durian Snowskin. Other interesting flavours includes the Custard Yolk Blend and the Red Bean Ornge Peel with Yolk Belnd and Pine Nuts.

The classic flavours: If your preference are the true classics, then Old Seng Choong should interest you. Their most prized traditional baked mooncake is the White Lotus Paste with Four Yolks, which according to the baker himself, how many egg yolks were in a mooncake is one of the criterion the defines the art and delicacy of a mooncake. If you are watching your diet, go for the White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk & Melon Seeds.

Old Seng Choong - Mooncakes

Image credit: Old Seng Choong

Prices: Starting from S$58 nett onwards.

Availability: From now to 15th Sept 2016, visit their website now.


Peony Jade

What’s new: Peony Jade seems to have the widest range of mooncake selections this season, with 15 flavours being prepared. New items includes Mini Snowskin Mooncake with Dark Valrhona Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter and Banana, Mini Snowskin Mooncake with Rose Lychee and Raspberry Jelly Centre and one which I am keen to try – the Baked Mini Mooncake with Molten Matcha & Salted York.

The classic flavours: Apparently the original creators of the flaky teochew Orh-Ni Mooncakes are now with Peony Jade. These ex-Crown Prince classics are now sold in Double Yolks, Golden Pumpkin & Single Egg Yolk or just the good o’ plain Teochew Orh Ni Mooncake. Other traditional baked mooncakes are available too.


Prices: Also offered in small boxes of 2 baked mooncakes, starting from S$38.

Availability: From now till 15th Sept. Visit their online shop at for more on their full range.


Raffles Hotel

What’s new: This sounds like a dream. We see the introduction of the Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Feuilletine Snow-skin Mooncake, a blend of milk chocolate praline and velvety peanut butter combined with the crunchiness of the feuilletine.

The classic flavours: Perennial favourite Champagne Truffle & Ganache Snow-skin Mooncake has been our long-time favourite for as long as we can remember. The creamy white lotus paste and mix of white chocolate ganache coupled with a distinct champagne flavour is probably one of the best around in the market to date for us.

What’s returning?
 Earl Grey Tea and Chocolate Pearl Truffle Snow-skin Mooncake, filled with Earl Grey tea-infused milk chocolate, dainty puff cereal pearls and wrapped in dark chocolate, Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearl Snow-skin Mooncake, with its vibrant and smooth green snow-skin, presents a refreshingly light minty taste, while the Raffles Cognac Truffle Snow-skin Mooncake, features a divine blend of brandy and dark chocolate truffle.

Alternatively, traditional baked mooncakes include the Double Yolk with Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake, Mother-of-Pearl with Single Yolk and White Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake and Pine Nuts, Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake.

Prices: From S$70 onwards

Availability: Daily at the North Bridge Road Atrium, located at Raffles Singapore, from 19 July to 15 September. Online purchases are available at from now till 12 September 2016.


Shang Palace, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

What’s new? Shang Palace launched their latest Honey Chocolate Mooncake Collection, which will feature four new mooncake flavours this year, the Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Salted Toffee, White Chocolate Passion Fruit with Mango, and Roasted Sicilian Pistachio! Also launched this year mini mooncakes, namely the Lychee with Rose, Low Sugar Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts and the Mocha with Hokkaido Milk. Admittedly some of the more intriguing new mooncakes this season. 

Image credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Image credit: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

The classic flavours: Of course, we cannot forget the traditional flavours – White Lotus with 1, 2 or 4 Yolks, or none at all.

Prices: Starting from S$68 onwards

Availability: Yes, the mooncakes from Shang Palace are already available. More information on Shangri-La Singapore’s website.



What’s new? If you are a tea lovers, the mooncakes at SUCRE will definitely excite you. They will be baking 2 tea-infused mooncakes flavours, namely the White Lotus Paste with Oolong & Pu-er and the White Lotus Paste with Oolong and Osmanthus. Can’t go too wrong with these, and even better having this while sipping some freshly made tea. And if you prefer something fruity, two other special mooncakes has either Blueberries or Kiwi infused in the White Lotus Paste.

The classic flavours: Cannot imagine any bakery not doing the traditional flavours, get to choose between the White Lotus with Melon SeedsWhite Lotus with Macadamia Nuts and the unmistakable favourite, the White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk.

: Starting from S$56, excluding delivery charges.

Availability: All selections are available on their website now.



What’s new? In a bid to keep up with trends, the three new flavours introduced by Swensen’s this year are Salty Eggy, Coco Yammy and Aroi Milk Tea.

The classic flavours: The familiar, all-time-favorites include the Durian Royale and Sticky Chewy Chocolate.

Prices: From S$35.80 onwards

Availability: Swensen’s Moon Treasures Mooncake Collection will be available at all Swensen’s and Earle Swensen’s outlets from 1 August to 15 September 2016, at $35.80 (inclusive of GST) for a box of any 4 flavours. Individual mooncakes can be purchased separately at $9.50 each (inclusive of GST). No pre-orders are required.


Summer Palace, Regent Singapore

What’s new? Summer Palace Dim Sum Chef Leong Kwok Sing introduces two new locally inspired  snowskin mooncake flavours: Chendol with White Chocolate and Momordica Fruit with Longan. Both flavours are filled fragrant lotus seed paste centre, one of the more unique ones this year for sure. The Momordica Fruit with Longan delivers subtle hints of sweetness with a dose of antioxidants from the Chinese herb, together with faint flavours of Cheng Tng. Interestingly, the packaging this year is more of the most fun we have seen, as you can unfold the mooncake box to collapse as a Chinese chess board.

The classic flavours: Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds, refreshing Granny Smith with Lemongrass Chocolate, fragrant Green Tea with Melon Seeds, the classic White Lotus Paste with Yolk and Melon Seeds and their bestseller, Durian. For something with an Italian influence, go for the Parma Ham and Pork Floss with Assorted Nuts, which uses premium 24-month cured Parma Ham and generous servings of assorted nuts, white sesame and winter melon, balanced with subtle pork floss and orange peel.

Splurge: That has to be the Chef’s Bird’s Nest with Custard using premium bird’s nest.

Prices: From S$62 onwards

Availability: From now until August 10, 2016, all 4 or 8-piece mooncake box purchases are entitled to a 30 per cent Early Bird discount. More information on their website.


Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant, Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza

What’s New? Wan Hao introduces two new snowskin mooncakes this season, Chocolate Brownie with Cookies & Honeycomb and Salted Caramel with Peanut Praline. Both sounding like the perfect combination between East and West!

The classic flavours: To the fans of their Pure Mao Shan Wang Premium Grade Durian, fret not. Wan Hao will be bring this signature mooncake back as well. And if Baked Mooncakes are your preference, you should give their Signature Baked Mooncake, the White Lotus Seed Paste with Chicken Bak-Kwah and Assorted Nuts a try! Going luxe here will have you going for the White Lotus Seed Paste with Black Truffle, Waxed Duck, Roasted Chestnut & Single Yolk.


Splurge: White Lotus Seed Paste with Prized Karasumi & Angelica Baked Mooncakes and Aged Old Pu’er Tea Set, comes in an elegant tea set encased in a chic red faux Crocodile Skin, two-tier treasure chest.

Prices: From S$61 nett onwards

Availability: From 11th August onwards at Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza, with pre-orders through their website which are already ongoing.


Yan Ting, The St Regis Singapore

What’s New? Yan Ting introduces a couple of new snowskin creations this season, Pomegranate Truffle with Red Bean Chendol Paste Snow Skin MooncakePurple Sweet Potato with Water Chestnut and Salted Yam Paste Snow Skin Mooncake and the Salted Peanut Truffle with Black Sesame Paste Snow Skin Mooncake. Knowing how well Yan Ting execute their works, we are definitely looking forward to biting into these new flavours. And my must-try here will be their Portuguese Custard Paste Snow Skin Mooncake, which seems like a very popular choice this year.

The classic flavours: Of course, Yan Ting will also be bringing back the traditional baked mooncakes, with the most sought after White Lotus Paste with Four Yolks returning. And if you are a fan of durian, then the return of their Pure ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian Indulgence Snow Skin Mooncake should excite you; key word here is “Pure”.


SplurgeEight Treasures Assorted Snow Skin Mooncakes Premium Gift Set or Four Traditional Baked Mooncakes Premium Gift Set. Each gift set is complemented with premium-grade Pu-Erh tea and a beautifully designed teapot set. This year, both the lavish gift set and regular mooncake boxes, decked in bright orange hues, are specially designed to serve as storage options for cherished mementos or treasured watches and jewellery. From S$148 onwards.

Prices: For the snowskin and traditional mooncakes, from S$72 onwards.

Availability: Now to 15th Sept. Visit their website for more information.


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