Snippets: Sudio Vasa Bla earphone | Impossibly light and wireless earphones for the sleek conscious

What’s the deal? If you are looking to get a new earpiece without breaking the bank, the Sudio Vasa Blå is something worth considering. Compatible with all Bluetooth devices and available in various colours such as Rose gold black, blue, Rose gold white, blue and pink, the Vasa Blå is probably the lightest wireless earphones in the market right now, weighing only 14g.


Key specifications: We got our hands on the Vasa Blå some time back and were excited to test out this new toy outdoors. Despite the compact size, the battery life can last up till 8 hours. The earpiece comes with a USB cable, so you can simply charge it easily by plugging it to your computer or iPhone charger. A quick charge takes about 10 minutes, while it can range up to 120 minutes for a full charge of the earpiece.

We thought that the design takes into practical considerations with a multi-purpose idea in mind as it comes with 4 different sized earbuds for that perfect fit, be it for sports or at your desk. Pardon me but I am easily impressed by anything leather, so no surprise here that I love the sleek leather case that comes with each earpiece.


With a range of 10 metres, which I think is quite decent for the average home, the Sudio Vasa Blå uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology to wirelessly transmit music to your ears. Aesthetically, I really like the clean-cut design which is somewhat minimalist. Further, it doesn’t have a cheap look with its high polished metal parts.

Other functions: Music aside, you can also take calls with the built in microphone in the Sudio Vasa Blå.

Availability: The Vasa Blå can be purchased on Sudio website, and it is currently retailing at S$165.

Overall experience: Minimalist designs are the way to go as we have so many choices of various gadgets these days with an increasingly limited space, our bags included. I like how compact the Sudio Vasa Blå is – simple and sleek design, very decent sound quality and most of all, it is very convenient to carry around and use it for practical purposes.

Good news for our readers as there is a 15% off discount code “rantingpanda” upon check out, in addition to a 20% tax rebate at checkout when buying from Singapore, which will work out to be about 32% off in total!

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