Snippets: Creative MUVO 2c review | Why we love this portable palm-sized water-resistant Bluetooth speaker

What’s the deal? I have have been struggling to find a good size, reasonably priced and quality speaker for the longest time. The Creative MUVO 2c is like a dream come true. This palm-sized water resistant Bluetooth® Speaker with Built-in MP3 Player is one of the latest products launched by Creative and we managed to get our hands on it recently to test out this new toy.


Key winning points: The light weight easily tops my favourite component of the MUVO 2c. Weighing at a mere 159g (5.6oz) with a compact size smaller than my palm, I can pack it in my weekend or gym bags anytime, not to mention bringing it along overseas on my hand carry bag.


Pool party in the making? With a water-resistant outer shell, you can also almost be sure of a splashing good time or pool parties.


For someone like me who do not like things complicated, the relative ease of use is one key convenience factor. Connecting and playing my favourite music on the MUVO 2c can’t be any simpler. Simply select Bluetooth connectivity on your smart phones, turn on the MUVO 2c and its Bluetooth button, and there you go.

Now, this begs the most important question – how’s the quality of the MUVO 2c? For one, it definitely exceeded my expectations as not all good things come in small packages. The MUVO 2c manages to defy this rule as I feel that the sound quality is crisp and clear coupled with a more than decent bass performance.

Other functions: Another cool function is that you can actually connect two MUVO 2c speakers together wirelessly for a wider stereo experience and bigger sound performance, which is definitely a bonus for me. In terms of battery life, it is a decent 6 hour with a built-in 650mAh Li-ion battery. Charging the MUVO 2c is simple via the given micro USB cable.


Another smart feature of the MUVO 2c is its built-in MP3 player which allows us to upload songs to a microSD card without taking up additional precious space on our smart phones, supporting high quality audio formats including FLAC and WAV, WMA and MP3.

Availability: The Creative MUVO 2c is currently retailing at S$69 on Creative’s website, available in four colours – black, red, blue and green.

Overall experience: I love the Creative MUVO 2c to bits. It’s practical, compact, good sound quality and most importantly, it further proves that good gadgets need not necessarily cost a huge bomb.  For our readers, there is an exclusive limited time promo code “RANTING15” where you get to enjoy 15% off the MUVO 2c portable wireless speaker when you purchase it from the Creative website. This Promo Code will only be valid till 31st October 2016.

It’s time to plan for X’mas present gifts soon, and we daresay, it can’t get any creative than this.


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