Hotel Review: Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong by InterContinental Hotels Group | Peranakan-inspired decor with that infinity rooftop pool

The Place Katong, and by extension the Joo Chiat area, has been home to the Peranakan in Singapore. And when a Hotel Indigo opens in the district, you know this is going to be an exciting one. Taking on the unique character of its vicinity, Hotel Indigo has always been able to capture the attention of its guests, right from the entrance.


With a lobby lounge all decked out in traditional Peranakan furniture, this is the same for traditional Peranakan household where they hosted their guests with a centrepiece dining table and seats at the sides. And yes, don’t miss out on the chic lift lobby, where traditional chinaware and lantern features take on the limelight here.


The Room Be awed. Frankly, this is one of the most instagram-worthy rooms of any hotels in Singapore. From the mural walls, to shower rooms by the window, we were excited by every step we took and every corner we turned!


We checked into the Deluxe King bedroom with views of the Heritage streets right below, and were greeted by a room where the right mix of modern chic decor and traditional furniture fell into perfect harmony. The table at the entrance is in fact a Carrom Board, with seats which reminded us from olden days Singapore; all of which characterized by loud colours and wooden frames. This is paired with a bright-coloured wooden display cupboard, where the in-room amenities and mini bar are kept. The mural wall depicts the street scenes of Katong district, with the classic square mosaic tiles giving the often-neglected room ceiling something to shout about.


The shower area is located at the far end of the room, where you have the option to take your showers in full view of the streets below – there’s even a warning sticker sign telling the less-informed guests that the windows are indeed two-ways.


You can even have your own foot bath spa!


The Facilities And you may think that with so much already on offer, there is not much more to look forward to; more surprises awaited. At the highest level of Hotel Indigo Katong, you get a sweeping view of eastern Singapore from its rooftop Swimming Pool and a well-equipped gym right beside it.



Isn’t the eastern part of Singapore charming?


We happened to chance upon an evening with beautiful sunset and hue.


Just be warned that the wind here can potentially be quite strong, and you might want to take shelter and ensure your personal items are safely secured!

The Restaurant We wrote about it, and yes, the breakfast for your stay here will be served at Baba Chews no less (read our full review of Baba Chews here). The all-day dining with a strong focus on Peranakan cuisine also dishes out Australian brunch inspired options and guests can make their selections from the a la carte buffet menu. If you are visiting Singapore, our advice is to go for the Kaya Butter Toast option!



There is a buffet line at the end of the restaurant too, giving guests the options of more toasts, fruits and local delights to complete their breakfast. Please also make sure that you have your coffee here, prepared using beans from the popular Common Man Coffee Roasters!


The Vicinity Well, it’s Katong, so do make sure you take some time to explore the heritage streets right below the hotel. This neighbourhood is a food haven. The hotel is also located beside i12 Katong, a sub-urban mall which offers decent food dining options like Tim Ho Wan and Toastbox. For tourists who prefer a glimpse of local heartland life, you can head southwards towards Marina Parade Hawker Centre.


Overall Experience: If you are looking for an affordable “boutique” hotel experience, Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong fits the bill well. The Peranakan theme is strong, and the hotel is well located next to a mall in the exciting Katong district, with plenty of food options in the vicinity. If anything, the lack of a MRT station nearby may be less convenient for tourists. As this is not a big hotel, there is also a lack of a Club Lounge for guests who value that extra privacy or a space to enjoy some cocktail and wine.

Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong
86 East Coast Road
Singapore 428788
Tel: +65 6723 7001

Make your reservation at Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong here.

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