Snippets: 6 Great Tips on Reviewing Your Holiday Destination before Travelling

Holidays are opportunities to get away from your usual routine, or to take on a new adventure. The last thing you want is to arrive at your holiday destination and feel disappointed with the location, hotel, facilities, local amenities, or just about anything else.

To make the most of your valuable holiday time, it’s important to research where you’re going thoroughly. All of the information you need should be easily available online – you’ve just to know what you’re looking for. We’ve gathered six great tips on researching and reviewing your holiday destination before travelling. Check them out and get excited for your next trip:

1. Look for up-and-coming destinations

Don’t just pick the run-of-the-mill tourist places. If you’ve committed to doing some research, you’re already one step ahead of the crowds. So spend some time finding lesser known destinations that look set to get popular in the years to come.

Not only will you save money (before prices increase as demand does), you’ll be able to tell all your friends where to head when they inevitably want to visit soon. As a starting point, Travel Republic suggests Sri Lanka, Lisbon, and capital of the world, New York City.

View of Manhattan, from Brooklyn, New York City

2. Find out about potential illnesses

Falling ill on holiday will not only be disappointing, but it’s likely to ruin your entire trip – especially if that sickness was easily avoidable with a vaccination. With a lot of vaccinations, you need to get them around six to eight weeks before you travel. So once you’ve got some favourite destinations in mind, find out if you’ll need any jabs.

It’s all about assessing the risks – for example, some places have a naturally higher risk of illness such as malaria and hepatitis. It’s worth talking to your doctor about all recommended vaccinations. 1Cover suggets asking yourself the following questions: Are you travelling to a developing country? Is there any warning for certain illnesses or viruses? Will you be exposed to sun for long periods of time? Make plans accordingly and make sure to complete your immunisation schedule before departure.

3. Research the key attractions (and book ahead)

Whilst you’re researching your favourite holiday destinations, you’ll probably find some attractions you’re dying to visit when you arrive. The most popular places will probably have a waiting list. You don’t want to get there and find out it’s fully booked for the duration of your trip. So whether it’s a restaurant with excellent reviews or the perfectly photogenic attraction, find out if you can book ahead.

View of Eiffel Tower at sunset

4. Research the weather in past years

Unsure of what weather to expect? After all, it’s notoriously unpredictable in many parts of the world. But nothing is more reliable than looking at the weather a destination has experienced at the same time as your planned trip in previous years.

If you’re booking ahead and there’s no forecast, use the weather from previous years as a guide. It will help you pack, plan activities and might even change your mind about which time of the year to visit.

5. Look up blogger’s reviews

The experience of others offers great guidance for your decision-making. For example, if you’re a bit of a foodie, the choice of local cuisine will be important to you. If a restaurant has numerous good reviews from different sources, it’s bound to be a good choice.

With so many online forums available, it’s easier than ever to paint a picture of what to expect from a destination. Eyehearttravel points out researching restaurants is particularly important for people with specific dietary requirements.

Odette, Two Michelin-starred restaurant in Singapore

6. Find out the total costs

Price can be a deal breaker. You don’t want to opt for an expensive destination and then miss out on the key attractions because it all costs too much. What does the average person spend on a holiday there? Find out how much you should be paying for accommodation, travel around, food and activities.

How do you research a destination before travelling? Share your tips with us.

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