Food Review: FIVE TEN at South Bridge Road | Affordable Taiwanese inspired dishes in Chinatown at S$5 or S$10! [Closed]

The Place Opened few weeks ago at the now defunct Cato restaurant, we were excited to head down to FIVE TEN along South Bridge Road (where Muse Amuse is located as well), upon hearing that it is a Taiwanese inspired concept which serves all its dishes at either S$5 or S$10. The raw and industrial setting at FIVE TEN shouts nothing Taiwanese and it felt like another hipster cafe upon entering the restaurant. Never judge a book by its cover, really. The dining space is a mix of communal tables, bar seats and smaller tables with a dim lighting in the evening,

The Food The menu is split into day (10am to 6pm) and night (6pm to 10pm), with all dishes prices at either S$5 or S$10. It is an interesting and attractive proposition for us at least, as we were partially curious of the standards of the food at such pricing. For drinks, you can expect the beers (which include Asahi), house shots (gin, rum, vodka) and house pours to be priced at either S$5 or S$10 as well. Otherwise, there is always the non-alcoholic options like the Cold Brews and Iced Chocolate.  This already sounds quite amazing at this point.

We had the dinner menu, and started with the Brussels Sprout (S$5) and Grilled Eggplant (S$5). I really enjoyed the Brussels Sprout, fried with a nice crunchy texture, and accompanied with my favourite shiitake mushrooms. There is apparently chilli padi, though I didn’t taste any hints of spiciness at all.

The Grilled Eggplant had cuttle fish and it is topped with ebi crisps, an element the Rantee enjoyed and commented that it was an interesting touch to this otherwise common dish.

For the bigger plates, the Fried Chicken (S$10) is one of the star dishes to us. Served with nori mayonnaise, the tender and addictive chicken is marinated in soy sauce and I seriously could not stop reaching out for it. It was a nice touch of one of the staff who took the initiative to offer us more of the nori mayonnaise should we need more, and trust us that you will request for more.

For the price, I didn’t expect mush of the Steak (S$10), which turned out to be good. The seared sirloin was succulent on its own without any sauce or garnish, and it was quite enjoyable for us.

The addition of simple garlic crisps further enhanced the flavour of the steak as well.

For desserts, we tried the Fried Milk (S$5), where the milk roux is coated with crumbs, then deep fried. Served with condensed milk, this felt like a sinful dessert especially after having the fried chicken, It is interesting, though I won’t order it again.

Rants The space is dim and dark, probably not the most ideal dining spot for families with kids. 

Will I Return Again? FIVE TEN surprised us with its unpretentious food and genuine service. The dishes are value for money, with a bonus that the quality wasn’t compromised. Good food shouldn’t be overpriced, and we left as happy diners with plans to return soon for its day menu.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

237 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058786
Tel: +65 6924 7352

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 10pm
Closed on Monday

Ranted by The Ranter

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