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Exploring the world by travelling to a variety of different countries is often seen as the pinnacle of many people’s lives. It offers freedom, unique experiences and the ability to broaden your cultural and worldly knowledge.

It can, however, be quite expensive, especially when travelling for extended periods of time. Luckily there are now numerous options for avid travellers to make money whilst on the road. Here are some of them.



Before the advent of online trading brokers, trading was a very closed world for the average individual, often undertaken by banks and large financial institutions. Nowadays, however, forex trading and other types of trading are incredibly accessible, merely requiring a laptop/mobile device and internet connection.

It is perfectly suited to travellers, as you can now access global markets whenever and wherever you like, with many travellers earning enough money to make a permanent living (whilst travelling) from trading. It is not necessarily easy, and it does take time to develop a strategy that will work in the long run, but it could prove to be very lucrative if you manage to become successful.



There are many successful bloggers around who make a living doing what they love. Travel blogs are particularly popular, so if you have the will and determination to document your travels and write about them, you could well be in with a chance of earning one’s keep.

On top of this, earning miles and cash rebates through flying and documenting these journeys on the countries you visit, will potentially boost your readership/viewership.



This is another option which offers a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to earning money on your travels. Freelancers can use their niche skills to serve a variety of clients and businesses. These could range from writing to graphic design, but the possibilities are almost endless as long as you are confident in your skill.

Being able to decide your own hours and how much work you do is an extremely appealing aspect of this type of work, and it could also prove to be lucrative if you build a reliable base of clients.


Seasonal Work

This is particularly popular in countries like Australia, which offer numerous jobs like fruit picking and harvesting during certain seasons. Many travellers work on farms performing such jobs in order to earn some extra money, and it can also be a nice way to explore the country by moving from site to site.

It might not be easy, especially if you are not used to the extreme weather of many of these countries, but it does provide you a unique experience!



This often ties in with blogging, but there are numerous platforms on which you can make your photos pay for your travels. If your travel blog has started to gain some steam, or if you simply have some truly unique and high quality photos, you could well find an interested party to purchase them. This may require honing your photography skills and knowing what types of photos will be popular, but there is plenty of information online which can help you along the way.


The majority of these money making methods are popular with travellers because of the flexibility they offer as well as their unrestrictive nature. Many people dabble in a number of them in order to diversify their income stream and not become too reliant on work which, by nature, could be unreliable. Do as much research as possible before starting out and you may well find the means to become a permanent globetrotter.

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