Snippets: 5 items to pack for your next travel destination | Travel essentials we can’t do without

How often do we pack our bags to head out of the country? Well, for the pandas, we definitely seek to do this as often as we can! Once you book your air tickets, to getting your hotels and itineraries all planned out, you can start counting down to the day the plane jets off. Before that though, there are always a couple of essentials you want to make sure you bring along. For the pandas, there are 5 essential items we cannot go without!



This is the single most important thing for the Pandas at least. And as an avid fan of a certain Japanese brand, we would be quite lost without having the opportunity to capture the moments that delight us. Of course, with the almost-perfect cameras our mobile phones are equipped with these days, you can be happy snapping your stills without a camera as well.



We dislike the standard airline-issued headphones, period. And no, we do not want to ‘steal’ them, so airlines should stop their two-pronged headphones. Luckily for us, we can use the headphone adapters to enjoy the movies on board using our preferred headphones. From noise cancellation, to a good sound, there are many criteria you can choose from that fits your budget. For us, the battery life and a bluetooth function are important considerations, and not forgetting the aesthetics too.

Sudio Regent Headphone



Yes, the bag you carry on a trip has to match your needs for the trip too. Backpacks, haversack, duffel bag, shoulder bag, or just a simple handbag might just work for different occasions and trips. There have been a couple of kickstarter programs to uncover the real needs of individuals and their ideal bags. That said, we do have to wait patiently for these projects to commercialise.

Gaston Luga Classic Bag



We are all guilty of buying that budget sunglass retailed at the high street brands in town. However, judging by the hours we spent outdoors on our past trips, we should most definitely equip ourselves with a reliable brand. Of course, aesthetics are equally important, and the look has to match your wear and the location, be it for a beach vacation, a city street or perhaps a hike amongst the greens.

Prada Sunglass from


Portable WiFi Router

While we all escape the world by travelling, we seem to ironically need to connect back to world on the go as well. There are many service providers now, where we can rent the portable WiFi Routers for our trips. We can specify the country and dates of our travel, and it can cost as little as just a couple of dollars a day. Another plus – we need not fiddle with the local SIM cards anymore.


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