Food Review: Anti:Dote at Fairmont Singapore introduces Enthralling New Cocktail and Tapas Menu

The Place  You know you’re in for a treat when soft lighting and jazzy tunes embrace your entrance. Strolling into the relaxed ambience was truly Anti:dote for our overworked souls this evening.

The Food One of the first thing we did was gush over the crockery. Executive Chef Tryson is a pottery hobbyist, and the plating throughout our entire meal was just delightful. Of course any good meal comes with drinks, and with little ado, we jumped straight into the Rabbit Hole (S$23) with a gin base and touches of pineapple as the perfect cheers to new beginnings. The baby carrot gave such a refreshing crunch to the drink, and balance to the citrus flavours.

Paired with this drink was the Chicken Liver Parfait, Arugula Nest, Quail Egg (S$16) which came in a bird-shaped sharing portion, of course. Mixing these together, then heaped onto the thin crispy bread slice. The strong flavours of the parfait, the creaminess of the quail egg, the crunch of the arugula, and the bite of the thin bread…Can anyone spell bliss because I think this is it.

Speaking of bliss, may your new year be prosperous and full of delicious moments! Head Bartender Bannie Kang shared how people drink Su Jung Gwa (S$25) in Korea during the festive seasons to counteract oily food (Alert! Alert! Life hack alert!) – her interpretation is smoother and sweeter than the traditional drink and comes with frozen red date jelly to keep the drink flavourful. Now, I am a total lightweight, but the frozen red date jelly with gold flakes in this one is really #lastwarning. Worth the drunken dance you do after.

With this drink came Hokkaido Scallop Tartar, Smoked Lime Ponzu, Fresh Sea Urchin, Caviar (S$26). This was served with very delicate keropok-esque crackers, topped with dried scallop…The gentle taste of the diced scallops with mini dollops of sea urchin and tartness of the lime just went so well with the childhood-reminiscent crackers. “Double crustacean,” Chef Tryson said. Well I don’t know about that but Double Belly Me for sure. I totally ate 1 serving for each of my personalities. (5 and counting.)

The Grilled Octopus, Crispy Parsnip, Sherry Porcini (S$20) really tentacled my fancy. HAHA. This was hands down my favourite dish – the octopus is mindblowingly delectable, singularly memorable, very very awesome. There is a nuance to the flavour doubtless brought by the subtle Chinese ingredients used, while going extraordinarily well with the puree and parsnip chips. Fun fact: parsnip used to be food for poor people because of how starchy it is, but it is now become a very pricey ingredient to use. How life goes in a circle, eh? Just like my spoon from this dish’s plate to my mouth, many circles.

As I age and wrinkle, one way I console myself is reverting back to childhood favourites in hope of becoming Benjamin Button (a failed experiment so far). Hailing to an age-old popular one, Threadfin Fish, Fats Chip, Petit Pois Soup (S$18) pays homage to the evergreen fish & chips, only with duck fat chips (yeap) and deboned threadfin fish, or ngor herh if you are heartland like me. By this time, our table companion was full and ate a bit, so Ranter and I – yeap – just slurped it all up. Classy.

Oh! Oh! Another childhood memory; ferris wheels! The Out-of-Towner (S$105/ serves 4-6 persons) is a visual treat with the punch ‘bowls’ placed all around the ferris wheel. Needless to say, all conversation ceased as we took Boomerangs of Head Bartender Bannie twirling the drinks.

What is life without some sweets? I am the proud sole survivor when we welcomed Raspberry, Pistachio Whip, Verbena Granite (S$12). Nice guys don’t finish last; shameless hungry girls do. Om nom nom nom nom. Did I mention the lemon dry ice and the balance of raspberry and pistachio? Or that it’s not too sweet, just gently so? Uh huh.

The Petit Four (S$14) is equally enthralling if you fancy smaller bites and variety – Hazelnut Coco Truffle with Mount Gay Rum, Apricot with Sour Cream & Cheese Choux, Almond Sable with Frozen Foam & Strawberry Semi Marmalade and Cepe Mushroom with Meringue.

To end the evening, we toasted with Lord Kane (S$23), one of my favourite drinks. Now I have never been a fan of pineapples or oranges, so obviously I’ve never drunk Pina Colada. Well colour me corrected because this drink is such a delightful one, and the sprig of dried lavender that came with it? Yes I will marry you. Oh, hey, where you going? Don’t leave now!

Rants The Irish No. 3 oyster didn’t really appeal to me, it just seemed too harsh because of the tomato ice…or maybe I just need to use Sensodyne.

Will I Return Again? Just try to stop me.

This was an invited tasting, though all opinions expressed are our own.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Level 1, Fairmont Singapore
80 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189560
Tel: +65 6431 5315

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 5pm to 1am (last order at 12.30am)
Friday to Saturday: 5pm to 2am (last order at 1.30am)

Ranted by The Ranbee

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