Food Review: Long Qing Specialty Hotpot (隆庆) at Hong Kong Street | Returning for its Spicy Ma La Soup and Quality Steamboat Ingredients

The Place Located along Hong Kong Street, this almost 2-year-old steamboat restaurant Long Qing Specialty Hotpot (隆庆) has been on our radar for some time. Frankly, we were glad to have finally made it here during the Chinese New Year period this year. Small setup, with what looks like less than 30 seats, Long Qing was packed with return guests during our visit. Should you be looking to visit Long Qing any time soon, we do recommend you to make a reservation well ahead of your visit.

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The Food The concept around Long Qing revolves around quality ingredients, in a more home-styled service model as the restaurant does not charge its guests service charge. To start, their Soup Base (S$17) selections include the signature Wild Mushroom, Spicy Ma La, Tomato Soup, Shark’s Fin Melon Herbal Soup, Lotus Root & Lily Bulb Soup, and the base broth for all their soup options here, the Pork Bone Clear Broth. If your preference is to go for 2 Soup Base, that will be priced at S$25. We went for the selection of Spicy Ma La and the Wild Mushroom broth, and while the Spicy Ma La soup base is the crowd’s  favourite, the Wild Mushroom broth lacks the oomph.

Kicking off our meal with a favourite appetiser, the Spicy Garlic Pork Belly (S$10) can afford to step up on its spiciness. Having said that, the starter does its magic well, whetting our appetites for the dinner ahead.

For the meats, we ordered some of the favourites at Long Qing, which include the Iberico Pork Collar (S$30), Iberico Pork Jowl (S$16) and the US Short Rib (S$22). The Iberico Pork Collar here is fed exclusively with acorns, which explains its higher price tag; whereas the US Short Ribs is 150 days grain-fed. The emphasis of the quality of the meats here is what differentiates Long Qing from the usual mass-brands, with Long Qing focusing itself as a quality boutique hot pot restaurant. Personally, I find dipping top quality meats into a hot pot is not the most rewarding approach in enjoying these premium meats, and the fats from the well-marbled meats tend to lend the soup a rather greasy texture after some time.

Other meats we tried include the Luncheon Meat (S$6.80) and the usual steamboat ingredients including the Homemade Pork Ball (S$12) and Pork and Cabbage Dumpling (S$12). I strongly recommend the dumpling for its juicy fillings, whereas the pork ball is rather underwhelming and salty. Fans of innards will be happy to note that Long Qing dishes out Pig Liver, Pig Stomach and even the Beef Tripe and Omasum!

For seafood, we had their Fresh Fish Slice (S$16), Fresh Prawn (S$16) and Fresh Fish Paste (S$12).

Other steamboat must haves include the Mushroom Platter (S$12.80), Vegetable Platter (S$12.80) and the Crispy Beancurd Skin (S$6.80). All fresh ingredients, with the beancurd skin a familiar favourite from Paradise Group’s Beauty in the Pot.

Rants We find the tables rather cramped, and we were thankful f or the side table which helps to offload many of our plates to the side.

Will I Return Again? Despite not imposing a service charge, Long Qing’s service is more on point that its mass-brand competitors. And perhaps due to its manageable space, we certainly felt more at ease dining here. With good ingredients, soups which are on point, comfortable pricing point and a conducive environment, Long Qing ranks highly on my list of top steamboat restaurants in Singapore.

Make your reservation instantly at LongQing Specialty Hotpot here.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

LongQing Specialty Hotpot
18 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059661
Tel: +65 6533 1618

Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am to 2.30pm; 5.30pm to 11pm

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