Snippets: Kagawa Food Fair at Isetan Scotts | Get Ready to Sample Unique Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture Food and Get Hands-on with Traditional Craftwork

What’s Buzzing? We might not be so familiar with Kagawa prefecture in Japan, hence our interest to check out the limited time Kagawa Food Fair at Isetan Scotts‘ basement supermarket which runs from 12 October to 25 October 2018. Also often referred to as the “Jewel of the World”, Kagawa prefecture (香川県, Kagawa-ken) is the smallest prefecture of Japan located on the island of Shikoku. From Osaka, it takes just 2-3 hours by car or shinkansen to Kagawa’s capital city, Takamatsu. 

The Food Vendors The part we enjoy most about Japanese food fairs is the food sampling. With the Kagawa Food Fair, there are daily demonstrations and sampling which showcase some of the interesting local produces of Kagawa prefecture.

Kamada Soy Sauce

This food vendor showcases the different types of dashi (a combination of bonito and kelp) from Kagawa, which can be used to prepare various dishes in a fuss-free and easy way at home. From sukiyaki to oyakon don to fried rice, there are also easy to follow recipes which you can grab from the stall.

Udon Moriya

Udon is a big specialty in Kagawa, with many udon shops offering this comforting Japanese dish. Moriya Honten is a famous udon restaurant in Kagawa and is fortunately one of the vendors here during the Kagawa Food Fair. You can sample the springy udon at the stall, which also sells the udon noodles in packets. There is perpetually a long queue at Moriya Honten, this is perhaps the best spot to enjoy some fuss-free sampling and get some of the udon noodles home for your next Japanese-themed meal for your family.

Inoue Olive

If you are a frequent user of olive oil, this Kagawa brand should interest you. With a olive oil farm in Shodoshima, the brand uses purely natural ingredients in producing a wide range of beauty products. There are olive oil facial cleanser, shampoo, moisturiser, hand cream, and many more olive oil beauty products. Beauty aside, the brand also produces olive oil which can used for dipping with bread.

Senkintan Black Sesame Spread

Another produce of Kagawa, Senkintan produces various black sesame spread without using any butter, cream, artificial flavouring and preservatives. Unknown to many, black sesame is actually effective for anti-aging and the spread sold here can be eaten with bread or crackers daily. There are various black sesame flavours on sale, including with honey and chia seeds amidst others.

Olive Wagyu Beef

At the wagyu beef shop within Isetan Scotts supermarket, you can get Olive Beef from Kagawa prefecture for sukiyaki and yakiniku sessions at home. The main difference from other Japanese wagyu beef is the relatively richer flavour of the olive beef meat, which consists of highly nutritious olives produced in Shodo island of Kagawa prefecture. There is an ongoing 20% discount off the olive beef during the period of this Kagawa fair!

Lifestyle and Workshop Demonstrations Other than the food fair on the basement of Isetan Scotts, there is a lifestyle products and workshop section on level 1 of Isetan Scotts which showcases the traditional craft works of Kagawa prefecture.

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Sanuki is the old name of Kagawa during the Edo period, and the Temari Embroidery Balls is one of the traditional crafts of Kagawa. Using local cotton threads dyed with natural materials, stitching is then done on the temari based to form elegant geometric pattern.

Japanese Lacquerware

The lacquerware made in Kagawa prefecture are called “Kagawa Shikki” and “Takamatsu Shikki”. There are five traditional lacquerware making techniques which have been passed down since the Edo period which are recognised as national traditional crafts: kinma, zonsei, chou-shitsu, zoukoku-nuri and gotou-nuri. One of the workshops conducted here gives participants the opportunity to learn how to create their own original accessories or carve on layered lacquer bowl.


Mizuhikiis a strong and thin twine made from Washi, a type of traditional Japanese paper. Some occasions where Mizuhiki is used are as traditional decorations given as gifts at Japanese weddings and births. Those in the shape of animals and boats symbolises luck and happiness. There is a Mizuhiki workshop to sign up for where you can learn to make accessories or chopsticks rest by using simple knitting techniques.

Isetan Scotts
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Shaw House
Singapore 238868

Opening Hours (Supermarket)
Sunday to Thursday 10am to 9pm
Friday, Saturday & eve of Public Holidays 10am to 930pm

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