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If you haven’t noticed already, the holiday season is fast approaching. Now that our kids are free to breathe some fresh air from school and studies, I reckon it is the best time to set up some wonderful family getaway. It’s refreshing to get out of the country every once in a while. Let’s end 2018 with a massive bang! Now, apart from selecting the right destination to go to with your family and friends, one might miss out on another important part of travelling preparation – picking the right airlines. If you’re going for long-haul flights, then choosing the right airlines is everything. Let’s look at the highlights of some of the top five airlines out there that could give you the best flight for your holiday. All of these contestants are available from Changi Airport, too.

Scoot Airlines

Scoot is Singaporean’s very own low-cost airline operating under the big mama herself, Singapore Airlines. It has been in the field for almost seven years now and still going strong as one of the top performing low-cost airlines in Singapore. One of the highlights when you book Scoot flights using the Scoot-in-Style package, you get the premium access to its special airport lounge facilities. You get to enjoy fresh beverages, shower facilities and more at SATS Premier Lounge Departure Transit Hall on Level 3, Terminal 2 at Changi Airport. If you’re travelling long-haul flights, this kicker is a wonderful thing to have.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has been the leader of the pack when it comes to top airlines here in Singapore. It has been the ringleader for years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down with its frequent upgrades to its services. Be it in the Economy Class or Premium Economy Class; both classes feature spacious legroom and adjustable headrests that will give you and your company a piece of mind throughout the journey. If you’re travelling with kids like how we roll, it will be extra comforting with the extra leg space provided.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong’s flag carrier with its main hub at Hong Kong International Airport. It’s one of the top airlines in Hong Kong, too. The main highlights you will find flying with Cathay Pacific is the – wait for it, in-flight meals. Usually, in-flight meals can give mix impression; some are just daunting to swallow while others are claimed as the golden meal of the century. Cathay Pacific falls under the latter category. In the Economy Class, you will be served with four kinds of meals, starting off with a delicious salad, main courses between chicken and pasta, ice cream for dessert (the kids favourite, of course!) and coffee or tea for beverages. Things get interesting in Premium Economy as you will be served with Chinese delicacies to international cuisines like shrimp salad, beef steak or paccheri. You’ll also get special ice cream too for dessert.

Japan Airlines

“Fly into tomorrow. Dream Skyway” – the official company slogan for Japan’s main flag carrier airline has its merits considering the consistency they put in their services, customers and security measures. Kudos to them, I must say. Either you are travelling alone or with the whole Brady Bunch, you do not want to suffer a full boring 8 hours flight, right? That’s why Japan Airlines in-flight entertainment system is highly sophisticated. You will be showered with wide collections of movies and videos; audio programmes like music and podcasts covering various different genres, plus you will have an extensive collection of games that both children and adult will appreciate.


Lufthansa first made its operation official back in 1955. It has come a long way and still going strong. It is also considered to be the largest airline in Europe, both in fleet size and amount of passengers transported throughout its flight seasons. If you’re opting for this airline, their First Class will put you in tears – the good kind, I mean. First Class passengers are pampered even before they get on the plane! You will not only get a valet parking service, a limousine service AND a personal assistant at the airport, but you’ll get premium access to its First Class airport lounges where all the good things are. When you’re on the plane, you will be presented with a comfortable long bed with a high-quality set of mattress and duvet. Apart from getting your sleep right, they also provide wide varieties of in-flight entertainment that is over the top such as books, films, live TV channels, podcasts and more. Do I need to say more?


You might think with all the highlights here, and the cost might be eye-watering as well, right? Not really, you can actually get cheapest flights online easily now. There are various online travel companies out there that provide crazy promotions and deals you can take advantage of. OTAs like Traveloka provide various flight deals and even packages for the airlines mentioned.

Have a fun end of year adventure from us here at The Ranting Panda!

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