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With the rise of low-cost carriers and stiff competition, prompting even legacy airlines to offer budget options, finding cheap fares is not difficult anymore. Yet, whenever airlines announce promotions on their social media platforms, they are bombarded with all sorts of complaints from travellers. Some travellers had even accused airlines of being deceptive, claiming that the sale is a mere misleading marketing strategy. Admittedly though, these promotions are real, we just need to pin them down. Here are some tips on how to successfully book your flight, book cheap Lion Air flight tickets, for example. Here we go!

Stalk them on their social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. Gone are the days when they would surprise everyone. They now announce the sale ahead, or with special sales during national holidays and important milestones. For example, to celebrate the airline’s anniversary, or promotions on major holidays including New Year’s Day, Religious holidays, long weekends, National Days, amongst others. Do note, am referring to booking periods, not travel periods.

Collect all your companions’ personal details beforehand. Do not attempt to ask your friends for their details and preferences when you’re already in the process of booking. It’s super stressful! Friends take forever to reply! Also because your booking session might expire. Worse, someone else might book the seat you are eyeing while you and your companions are still deliberating. Happened to me multiple times: Just when we’ve finally decided, poof, it’s gone.

Get ready for Plan B. Before the sale, decide on the following such as destination, Alternative Destinations (as Plan B, in case you don’t find fares), Travel Dates, Preferred Time and the personal details you need from your companions. While you’re at it, get their preference on aisle or window seats, and perhaps even meal choices, if they’re willing to pay for them.

Split up the booking, where required. This is one thing have proven so many times. When you book for many people at once, the site displays “SOLD OUT.” But when you book for a smaller group, the same route may have sufficient seats for you. Unfortunately promotion may only be available for a finite number of seats on each route, or perhaps the flight may be full. Do plan ahead, and when this does not work, do consider splitting the group up on different flights!

Act fast. Some airlines space-out their seats availability evenly distributed throughout the promotion period. The easiest way remains booking at the start of the sale. If you found cheap fares and you like the dates, book them fast. You have no idea how many users are eyeing those same seats at that moment and you will lose them soon.

Stay up late. I know it sounds ridiculous but if you really want to grab a cheap seat, book in the wee hours of the announced date of sale. The sale usually activates at 12 midnight. You will have more chances if you’re searching within the first hour. Also, whenever there’s a sale happening, airline websites may not be able to handle the volume of users trying to book at the same time, slowing down the system. This also leads to lots of waiting times and errors. This is what you can avoid when you book while the rest of the world is in slumber.
So if you guys have plan for your next flight out, try to look into the Traveloka to find best deals flight tickets online as there will be price comparison between flights to your destination, and hotels availability for your next home away from home!

Have fun travelling!

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