Food Review: Monte Risaia At Duxton Hill | Affordable Japanese-Italian Omakase Restaurant At Tanjong Pagar

The Place Located at Duxton Hill, Monte Risaia is a Japanese-Italian Restaurant managed by the same group behind MAI by Dashi Master Marusaya and TEN Sushi. This is perhaps one of your rare experience in Singapore to enjoy Italian food omakase-style.

Expect bar-seats arrangements around the kitchen, the usuals for a Japanese Sushi restaurant. Always appreciate such seating format as it invites the guests to partake in the overall food preparation process as part of their dining experience, allowing diners to appreciate the food a lot more. For business lunches, there are 2 small private rooms near the entrance, both 4-seaters.

The Food Choose between the S$98++ for a 4-course, or the S$68++ for a 3-course meal. Both sets include the Starters for the day, Assorted Appertizer and your choice of Pasta, with the 4-course including your pick of the Meats on the menu.

Options for Starters include Uni Pudding and Mozzarella Al Forno. If you are visiting Monte Risaia with your partner, perhaps the ideal way will be to each pick an option. The former will see clam jelly topped with uni, a great way to start a dinner for sure; though the latter gets me more excited with lightly seared Omi Wagyu slices with Caviar.

Next up is a series of appetizers, starting first with the Cream of Butternut Pumpkin served up in a shot glass.

Following that, a plate of antipasto was served including Japanese appetizers such as Arabiatta Prawns, Japanese Tai Fish and Sakoshi Bay Oyster, to Italian-inspired options including the Scallop Avocado Tartare, and Prosciutto Ham with Fig. The standout for me is the Japanese Tai Fish for its freshness and the Scallop Avocado Tartare. Overall, it is a competent plate to whet your appetite.

For the carbs, there was a selection between a Pasta or a Risotto option during my visit. In an eagerness to give all the food at Monte Risaia a try, I managed to try one of each. It always excites me to try the signature dish of the restaurant, and that is the Signature Pasta with Shiso and Omaru Dashi cooked in Lobster Broth for Monte Risaia. Tomato-based sauce, with bits of shiso leaves which frankly overpowered the rest of the flavours. The noodles are done al dente, well-executed.

The other carb option, the Truffle Risotto with Freshly Sliced Truffles is personally the better choice for me. Besides my liking for truffles, the risotto has a good creamy consistency throughout.

If you are going for the 4-course, you get a choice of Beef, Pork, Duck or Lamb. During my visit, I went with the restaurant’s recommendation, and had the Wagyu Beef and Duck. Both were done very well, particularly for the wagyu beef which was seared perfectly medium-rare.

Do note that there are a few supplementary options on the menu, including top-ups to the Wagyu and Dessert.

Rants All meals should end on a sweet note, particularly for a set menu. I would propose to do away with the supplementary options and opt for dessert instead.

Will I Return Again? This is a relatively affordable Japanese-Italian Omakase meal, worthy of a visit for sure. That said, the menu could definitely do with more surprises.

This was an invited tasting, though all opinions expressed are our own.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

Monte Risaia
59 Duxton Road
Singapore 089523
Tel: +65 6970 0067

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 6pm to 12am

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