Snippets: 8 Best Cafes And Bakeries To Check Out In Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand – The capital of New Zealand is one likely start point if you are flying into North Island. I started my journey here before a road trip up to Auckland, and here are some of the best cafes and bakeries I visited while in Wellington.


Wellington Chocolate Factory
A chocolate factory in the CBD? Not quite what you are imagining, but Wellington Chocolate Factory offers a good glimpse into chocolate making at their open concept kitchen. Otherwise, I am just happy to order a hot chocolate and snack on some freshly made chocolate pralines.

Address: 5 Eva Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


Customs by Coffee Supreme
This is my favourite coffee in Wellington. Customs is the flagship outlet of Coffee Supreme, and the largely woody space is so welcoming for me the moment I stepped in. It is a great space to people watch as the crowd for takeaway or dine-in is incessant. The coffee boasts a strong acidity flavour, and punchy enough to wake up the senses.

Address: 39 Ghuznee Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


Fix & Fogg
This is a famous local peanut butter spread, but do you know they have a back alley shop as well? Located a few steps away from Wellington Chocolate Factory, choose from the various flavours from this hole-in-the-wall outlet, and grab a seat at the alley. Great vibes!

Address: 5 Eva Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


With various locations across Wellington, I checked out its Market Lane branch close to Lambton Harbour, a huge cafe space with a good dose of natural light in the morning. The brunch menu is quite extensive, and I would say you can’t go wrong with avocado and mushrooms here. The coffee is easy on the palate as well.

Address: Various locations across Wellington


Peoples Coffee Lukes Lane
I like Peoples Coffee Lukes Lane for its wooden and somewhat minimalist look. This is the brand’s flagship store in the CBD area, and the space is perfect to idle over a good cup of coffee.

Address: 1 Lukes Lane, Te Aro, Wellington 6021, New Zealand


Frank’s Terrace 
Located on a steep slope (that said, everywhere in Wellington is hilly), Frank’s Terrace is a popular breakfast and brunch spot in the city centre with two levels of dining space. The interior is cosy and simple, though it was fairly busy in the morning. The coffee and mushrooms with eggs and avocado on toast which I had are fairly good.

Address: 116 The Terrace, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


Leeds Street Bakery
Known for its salted caramel cookies, Leeds Street Bakery is a good option to have artisan breads or scones, all made from local ingredients.

Address: Unit 6g/14 Leeds Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


Wellington Sourdough
This is a little challenging to find. Wellington Sourdough is like an underground artisan bakery which only the locals will know of its existence. Regardless, the freshly made sourdough bread is the star, or settle for the almond croissant for a quick bite.

Address: Left, Bank Lane, 6011, New Zealand


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    Who’d like to accompany me to New Zealand? These photos make this trip look delicious! For the record I’m not actually going there but these photos sure do make it look hella fun and super tasty to travel there.


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