Snippets: Top Activities To Do During Covid Pandemic Social Distancing For Avid Travellers

I know from the title it looks morbid but trust me, this might be some good input you can do when your travel souls are on a break. It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s not the world, it’s Covid-19. Do you have that itchiness when you see cheap Scoot promo flight deals online? I swear, there are even various Singapore Airlines promo flight deals that made me feel like ugh if only traveling is still safe for us.

But, let’s not be gloomy during these times. Here are some of the activities we can do together to mend our broken traveler-hearts.

Redecorate and Reorganize Your House

This is like another fancy word for “doing chores”. This could be the best time to get into your interior design spirit and redecorate your house. Maybe a little change in the order of the furniture, the decorations on the wall or the setup in your bedroom is what you need. By doing this, you will find inspirations for more ideas to work on!

Netflix and Chill (The normal-kind of “Chilling”)

Spending time catching up on your wishlist on Netflix, Viu, MeWatch or any other streaming platforms out there. You just need your homemade popcorn, some chocolates, good drinks, and a comfy sofa to get your binge-mode on. At this point, there will be no distractions at all!

Get Creative!

If you are the creative type, this could be a good opportunity to get your creative hat on and work at those projects that you have been holding off. Take out that canvas and start painting away. Open up your photography set and brainstorm the pictures you can take from around you. Get that guitar strapped on and play like a rock star – or even compose a melody! Unleash your book-nerd and let your imagination run free.

It’s Social Distancing, not Social Breakup

Just because we can’t hang out like usual, that doesn’t mean we cannot still socialize with each other. Bless the modern era where video call is not that abnormal and hard to do. Schedule up a video call session with your friends and family and you guys can do plenty of things together. You guys can catch up or maybe have a game session virtually. A drinking game would be fun, don’t you think? Or werewolves!

Snuggle Fest with Your Pets (if you have one)

Time to annoy your furry friends by being extra clingy than normal. Sometimes we might move around a lot with traveling and working or studying, we don’t get to hang out with our furry friends that much. This period will be a good time to teach them new tricks, play or just chill out together. Nothing beats snuggling with your favorite animal. Meanwhile, we are missing the mascot!

Learn a New Skill

Growing is the best part of life. It’s always good to have a new set of skills to yourself, be it for your career, your personal life or just for your own fun time. There are plenty of online courses out there that can be valuable now that you literally have all the time in the world. It could keep your minds off the sad news out there with our current state. Try a new recipe, make your latte at home, learn a new language, learn about other culture or history, learn how to do origami, who cares? There are always things to learn that are both interesting and fun.

Well, that’s about it so far. It’s not much, but it’s something you can do while social distancing is taking place. If you have more ideas, let me know! Stay safe, everyone and don’t lose hope! We will get through this.

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