Food Scoops: Szechuan Court Spots A New Cantonese Pop-Up Concept Canton Garden At Fairmont Singapore [Closed]

What’s Buzzing? There is a new pop-up concept which has taken over Szechuan Court at Fairmont Singapore, in the form of Canton Garden. This new concept highlights Cantonese dishes which pays homage to Master Chef Mok Wan Lok’s Hong Kong heritage where classic dishes are enhanced with modern touches. Canton Garden will be an ongoing concept at Szechuan Court till early 2021.

What To Expect? To start, the Barbecued Chinese Gold Coin (S$38) is a unique combination of chicken and duck liver wrapped in lardo, served along with sweet hoisin peanut sauce. The duck liver element is subtle, and this is one dish which I have not come across before.

Another modern twist is the Avocado King Prawns (S$34), which is one of my favourite dish here. The prawn spots a creamy avocado flavour with mandarin-tinged mayonnaise, and topped with pomelo, crisp dried mandarin wedges and pine nuts.

For soup, I had the Huang Men Style (S$22) soup with crabmeat and truffle. I like soups with luscious texture, and this one didn’t disappoint.

For mains, the Jasmine Tea Smoked Duck (S$38) reminds me of Peking Duck. The generous duck portion is served along with traditional pancake, scallion, cucumber and Hoisin sauce. Similar to Peking Duck fashion, spread the dark sauce over the pancake with the duck meat and have it all together. I personally find that the duck itself is well-smoked and enjoyable on its own even without the pancakes.

The Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice (S$28) is a classic glutinous rice dish, and the highlight for me is definitely the very tender smoked duck.

For dessert, I had the delicately made Chrysanthemum Flaky Pastries (S$16) with lotus paste and black sesame. The pastry is moulded into a flower shape, and the presentation is quite dramatic as well.

This was an invited tasting, though all opinions expressed are our own.

Canton Garden
Level 3,Fairmont Singapore
80 Bras Basah Road
Tel: +65 6431 6156

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: 11:30am to 2:30pm; 6pm to 10pm

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