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Vehicle owners in Singapore often prefer to use their own vehicle while traveling long distances, since they have greater flexibility. However, using the car continuously for a longer time can greatly increase the possibility of breakdown since the car components are likely to get overheated. If the car breaks down in a remote area while on a road trip, it is extremely inconvenient since it is very difficult to get any help. Hence car owners planning a road trip should arrange for a car inspection in Singapore, so that any components which are likely to fail are identified and replaced or repaired.


Usually any defect or damage in any automobile component or part will be small initially. Over a period of time or depending on how much the vehicle is used, the damage to the component will increase till the component will fail. In other cases, the component may be loose and fall off if more force is applied. Usually the car owner is not aware of the slightly damaged or loose auto part, though these auto parts are more likely to create a problem during the road trip. Inspecting the vehicle properly will help in identifying the defective and loose auto parts, which can be replaced,repaired or fixed properly


Some associations are offering a pre-trip car inspection service for car owners in Singapore. The well trained and experienced inspectors will carefully check the essential components and sections of the car, which could cause a breakdown if damaged. They will check the car for any indication of fluid leakage, tyres for punctures or damage, batteries and other components. The inspectors will inspect all brands of cars, new cars as well as older cars to check if there is any damage. A report will be provided to the car owner so that he can take corrective action

Car transmission

The engine and transmission are the main parts of the car so they will be inspected carefully along with the undercarriage. Tests will be carried out to check the starter load, suspension or road adherence. The belting and tyres will be checked for damage. The steering and cooling system will also be tested. The brakes are tested to check if they are working properly by conducting the brake efficiency test, since malfunctioning brakes can cause an accident. In addition to petrol fuel, the car also uses other fluids for lubrication,hydraulic systems which could leak. Hence the car is also checked for oil leaks, especially at the hoses, joints.

The car battery is powering all the electrical gadgets in the car, so a battery test is carried out. The battery should also charge properly, when the car is switched on, so the charging test is also carried out. The car has lighting for illumination, especially if used at night, so the lighting is also checked. If required, the levels of light transmittance for the windscreen and window glasses of the car will be checked, and compared with the approved levels for Singapore and the country the car owner is planning to visit.

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