Snippets: 6 Beauty Ecommerce Trends in Singapore 2021

The beauty industry is forever changing. Why? That is because the beauty industry is always looking to cater to their consumers first. Every move the beauty industry makes is to ensure that they produce products that consumers want. As they pay attention to the needs and wants of the consumers, beauty brands are always coming up with unique settings to satisfy consumers. Thus, the beauty industry stays on its toes and keeps up with trends and the generation of today. Understanding their consumers is the best way for them to stay at the forefront of innovation within e-commerce. Therefore your e-commerce web design is extremely important. If you are looking to stay at the top of the game, here are some beauty e-commerce trends in Singapore. 

1. All-In-One

Presenting consumers with products, reviews, the latest beauty news and product testing as well would be a dream. A place where you can find all of this is actually a website right here in Singapore. Beauty Insider offers everything from different products from multiple beauty brands to the latest beauty news. Not only that, but they have a Tried, Tested & Loved campaign where consumers can try out products. If you read about any product you like on the website, you can purchase directly from their Insider Mall as well.

2. Clean Beauty 

A trend that is continuously rising is the demand for clean beauty. Consumers are now seeking beauty brands that provide organic and clean ingredients. Instead of just blindly buying from any beauty brand, consumers want to make sure that the products they are getting are safe and natural. The demand for clean beauty shows that consumers put what they put on their body above all else. 

3. Diversity & Inclusivity

Beauty brands all over the world are also working hard to ensure that the brand is inclusive and diverse. Consumers want to be able to see a beauty brand and relate to it. Consumers want to see themselves being represented. Thus, beauty brands need to expand their products to ensure that it caters to each and every one of their consumers. Not only in their products, but in their models as well.

4. AI Technology

Since more and more people are starting to buy beauty products online, the only disadvantage is that you can’t try them on. So, to solve this problem, some beauty websites like MAC use filters instead. Similar to those on Snapchat and Instagram, these filters can put lipstick or even foundation shades on your face. This makeup AI can help enhance the shopping experience of users as they will find it fun and refreshing. 

5. Selling On Social Media

This generation is more social media savvy. Since they spend most of their time online, most brands and even small beauty businesses have made use of this. Instead of just advertising on social media, some brands have also started selling too. For example, an Instagram or TikTok live sale. Not only that, but Instagram even has a page dedicated to shopping. The “wishlist” as some accounts display their prices and links to directly purchase products. 

6. Personalisation

Personalisation of beauty products has always been popular. It is great for gifting and even helps cater to different skin types. Some skin care brands even present a quiz to help you find the right products. This is a fun interaction with consumers and gets them what they want as well.

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