Food Scoops: Slow Bakes And Jing Si Books & Cafe At Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre | Tranquil Taiwanese-Style Teahouse Beside Yishun Pond

What’s Buzzing? Located within Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre at Yishun, you can find zones for the youth to study, take part in activities, or to dine. Of course, the dining zone is what interests us most. Fronting the Yishun Pond, there are 3 dining concepts here, including Jing Si Books & Cafe, Slow Bakes and Real Food. Take a sip of your tea, order a fresh bake, or dig into your vegetarian dish whilst looking out to the tranquil lake. You will momentarily be transported out of the ever-buzzing city life of Singapore.

What To Expect? Head to Jing Si Books & Cafe for a space to find your inner peace. As part of the Tzu Chi, which is a Buddhist mission, feel welcome here as the group welcomes people from all walks of life – as I understand from their website.

With Tzu Chi starting in Taiwan back in the 1960s, you will find similarities of the Jing Si Books & Cafe with many teahouses in Taiwan. Quiet soothing environment, with various merchandise within the cafe as well including books by Jing Si Publications.

Order your choice of tea or a selection of healthy beverages here, and look out to the beautiful landscape surrounding the Yishun Pond. Spent an hour here with a pot of Oolong Tea during my visit, life can be that simple at times.

If you are early, head to the next door Slow Bakes. A bakery concept by Real Food serving artisan pastries and breads, they share the space with Real Food and you can get to choose if you prefer to sip your coffee al-fresco or in the comfort of the air-conditioned space beside.

Ordered the local breakfast set here with Kaya Toast prepared with Brioche, 2 half-boiled eggs and of course, local Singapore coffee; at S$6.50. The kaya is well executed, and the soft brioche with crisp sides makes this a satisfying toast. As for the coffee, strongly recommend you to go with something less sweet (aka siu dai) or even better with without sugar (aka kosong) as the local coffee we had was a tad too sweet.

Whether it is coffee at Slow Bakes or tea at Jing Si, head here to find yourself in a spot where you can definitely slow down whilst looking out at the serene lake. And yes, the use of light-coloured wood finishings across the dining concepts brings across a very zen vibe.

Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre
30A Yishun Central 1
Singapore 768796

Opening Hours
Slow Bakes – Wednesday to Monday: 7am to 2pm
Jing Si Books & Cafe – Monday to Sunday: 11:30am to 7pm

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