Snippets: Can We Get Vitamins And Minerals Through Plant-Based Foods

Are you wondering can we get vitamins and minerals through plant-based foods?

Yes, absolutely! 

It’s possible to get your vitamins and minerals from whole, plant-based foods. Many people are increasingly becoming more conscious of their diets, and a large part of that is due to the replacement of animal products with plant-based foods.  

It’s never been easier to get the nutrients your body needs. Not only can most of the foods we eat provide us with vitamins and minerals, but many contain significant amounts of beneficial phytonutrients as well. 

Vegetarian diets have many health advantages. They can deliver all the required vitamins and minerals for a long and healthy life if properly prepared.

This guide will introduce you to some of the best plant-based foods for each body part, providing all the vital nutrients you need. 

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BamNut Milk

If you want to get vitamins and minerals from plant-based foods, then BamNut milk is one of the best options for you. This milk is purely plant-based milk full of adequate vitamins and minerals that your body needs to live a long and healthy life. 

BamNut Plant-based milk comes in 3 types: 

  • BamNut Milk Everyday
  • BamNut Milk Airy
  • BamNut Milk Barista

BamNut Milk Everyday: It is plant-based milk that is creamy in texture and has many vitamins and minerals. This milk is ideal for your breakfast. You can make pancakes or also make cereals with it. Try making pancakes, brownies, lasagne, and more with this versatile plant milk! Everyday

BamNut Milk Airy: It is light milk with less fat in it. This plant-based milk is definitely an ideal option for making cold beverages such as smoothies, bubble tea, or even cocktails!

BamNut Milk Barista: It is extra creamy milk that is specially made for making tea and coffees. Some people are very fond of drinking tea or coffee in the morning. We made this plant-based milk, especially for them. This plant milk is fantastic for latte art, cappuccinos & lattes, teas, and more, and was created with professional and amateur baristas in mind. It’s also great for thick and creamy sauces and desserts.

BamNut Noodles

Yes, noodles can also be plant-based. Isn’t it surprising! 

BamNut Noodles are derived from the regenerative crop Bambara groundnut and are nutritious and delicious! These guilt-free air-fried noodles will aid you in getting more lean plant-based protein. In comparison to market standards, each portion of BamNut noodles is high in protein and saves your waistline at least 1 tablespoon of oil in every portion. These noodles contain: 

  • 17g protein 
  • 60% less fat (*compared to leading instant noodles) 
  • And are Air-fried

BamNut Plant-based noodles come in 3 varieties: 

Moringa Noodles give you a taste with a hint of sesame and are pleased by a touch of vegetal aroma, which may remind you of green tea.

Pumpkin Noodles preserve the natural colors of the pumpkin and are rich in carotenoids. It gives a screaming orange appearance when served.

Charcoal Noodles are black in color and are a feast for the eyes and taste buds! The seasoning characterizes a tasty combo of mushrooms and black pepper complemented by an aromatic blend of spices and herbs.

NoodBox contains all of our currently available noodles in special sample sizes. Designed for you to try them all! What’s Inside NoodBox:

Moringa Noodles with Garlic Sesame Seasoning
BamNut Noodles with Sweet Hot Seasoning 
Pumpkin Noodles with Cheeky Curry Seasoning 
Charcoal Noodles with Mushroom Pepper Seasoning

BamNut Shakes

Yes, Shakes! 

The BamNut Shake is a nutritionally balanced snack with the proper quantities of macronutrients. It simply has 5 components that are fully plant-based food. They’re made from the regenerative crop Bambara groundnut, are full of vitamins and minerals and are very delicious! 

BamNut Plant-based shakes come in 3 varieties, with the other 2 being: 

BamNut Ube Shake is rich in protein and minerals and is totally a plant-based shake. This shake gives you a mild nutty flavor that enhances your taste buds. 

BamNut Apple Cinnamon Shake is something you love. It is designed to be consumed cold or warm.

BamNut Soups

Plant-based Delicious Soups! 

BamNut Soups are something you should give a try. 

Our plant-based Soup is made entirely of natural ingredients. The Soup is made with the regenerative crop Bambara groundnut; this dish is nutritious and scrumptious! BamNut Soups are delicious and rich in protein and minerals. Moreover, these soups have a creamier texture and are very affordable. You will definitely love these soups.

It includes: 

  • A high portion of protein 
  • 68% less sodium 
  • Low fat

BamNut Plant-based soups come in 2 varieties:
BamNut Tomato Soup
BamNut Sweet Corn Soup

To Wrap up, 

We’d say go for it. It’s healthier and more sustainable, and we should try to get nutrients from plant sources whenever possible. If you don’t want to take pills and still want to achieve good health, then eating a plant-based diet is definitely the way to go. Besides just getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, there are plenty of benefits, including increased longevity, better cardiovascular health, healthier skin, and even better hair. The foods we have listed above are fully plant-based foods that not only have vitamins and minerals but are also high in protein.

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