Food Review: Cloudstreet At Amoy Street | Newly Minted 2-Michelin Star Progressive Gastronomy Restaurant In Singapore

The Place Located at Amoy Street, I checked out the newly minted 2-Michelin Star Cloudstreet recently for a celebratory occasion. The entrance of the restaurant looks nondescript, but it transforms to a whole different world upon entry. There is a cosy holding area at the entrance, and I was drawn to the huge cloud-like feature right under the skylight.  

The restaurant occupies a two-storey shophouse space, and the L-shape counter seats take centrestage of the interior, which I feel are the best seats for a complete dining experience. If you fancy more privacy, there are also a couple of tables fit for couples or small groups.

The restaurant is helmed by Chef Rishi Naleendra and is part of the Unlisted Collection, who is also behind the now-defunct Cheek by Jowl and currently Fool restaurant, which is on the 2022 Bib Gourmand list

The Food I could not identify a particular type of cuisine from the menu, where the ethos of Cloudstreet is to showcase a progressive yet sophisticated approach to gastronomy by having various cuisine influences on the dishes. 

As such, the menu changes from seasonality of ingredients. Lunch is only served on Friday and Saturday, and just the dinner menu on the rest of its operating days. 8-course Dinner tasting menu from Tuesday to Saturday is priced at S$338++. For Lunch, the 6-course tasting menu (Fridays only) is at S$228++, and the 8-course tasting menu (Saturdays only) is at S$338++. It is obvious that the most affordable meal here only happens once a week for the Friday lunch slot. Wine Pairing option is priced at S$218++, where Non-Alcoholic Pairing is at S$128++. The wine menu features over 350 labels. 

I went for the Saturday lunch menu as I prefer to dine in the space where there is some natural light in the day. I managed to get a pretty good seat at the centre of the counter setting, which is close to the action happening in the open concept kitchen. 

The meal started with a couple of snacks before the first course proper. I had the lovely Grilled Oyster from coffin bay with Betel Leaf and Coconut milk; and the 14 months aged Comte with White Asparagus, Traditional Caviar and Preserved Lemon. 

Next up is a beautiful four tier of further snacks comprising of the Bergamot Meringue, Beetroot; Confit Potato, Smoked Herring, Egg Yolk; A5 Hokkaido Beef Tartare, Tororo Kombu; Madai, 20 years old Mirin, Japanese Leeks, Chamomile Jelly. I guess this showcase the myriad of ingredients used at Cloudstreet, and there seem to be quite a fair bit of Japanese ingredients used for now. 

On to the first course proper, I had the Grilled Jeju Island Abalone which is served with “Majestic” Caviar, before onion consommé is poured over the dish. I really love the onion consommé, light in flavour yet very tasty. The caviar is also the icing on the cake, as the sweetness of the caviar is accentuated through the clear onion consommé. 

Next is the Smoked King Fish with Daikon, Tsuyu, Yuzu Kosho and Jicama. I like the Yuzu kosho element which lends a tinge of spiciness to the dish, so that it is not too one-dimensional. 

I was trying to spot the Pork Jowl with River Eel, Tuscan Kale and Corn when the dish came, which looks like a white cloud. The pork jowl lies beneath the sabayon sauce and is covered with some crispy kale as well. Not much impression of the pork itself, but the sauce is delicious. 

Next up is one of the more memorable dishes for me – Sri Lankan Curry of Western Australian Marron with aromatic Coconut Broth. Lovely marron texture and flavour, where I had it with the rice, and took sips of the hearty lemongrass soup which is served separately. 

What came next was the Sakura Ebi with Dhal and Aioli, which looks like pocky sticks! Crispy and addictive, this should have been served right from the beginning! 

I must say at this point, there are many protein courses so far and I am not complaining. Another lovely dish with Asian touches is the French Brittany Turbot with Coconut Miso foam and Spiced golden Raisin jam. Great texture of the turbot here, and the coconut miso really elevates the dish. 

If you are wondering why no complimentary bread is served till this point, here is the Sri Lankan Stout and Liquorice Bread. This is a course on its own, and is relatively sweet and heavy. 

The last savoury course I had was the Tochigi A4 Wagyu with Fermented Soy and King Brown Mushroom. Not much of a surprise here in terms of flavour, a pretty standard succulent piece of steak with good marbling. 

Dessert is a whole new level, literally. I was adjourned to level two of the shophouse space where you get bright seats by the window in the day. It is not a bad thing to transit to a new space as it helps to take away the fatigue of dining, and it also prepares the mind mentally for the next part of the dining experience. 

The first dessert course is a choice between an assortment of Cheese or the Soursop Sorbet with Juniper Berries, Jambu and Kaffir Lime. The cheese spread is quite wide and you are free to customise it your way, while the soursop sorbet is a refreshing one. 

The second dessert is the Celtuce with Yuzu, Green Chilli and Yoghurt drizzled with Vanilla oil. It seems like vegetables is the theme of the desserts I had, which is a bold move since not everyone loves vegetables. 

The last part of the dessert is the Celeriac Ice Cream with Pickled Guava, Fried Capers and Vanilla Rose. I do think that there is too much focus on vegetables on the dessert courses, which is interesting and unique but a risky approach in my opinion. In another sphere of things, this is quite a progressive approach? This is why food is so subjective.

Lastly, Petit Fours to conclude the meal.

This meal was a birthday celebration for The Rantee and the team has kindly prepared a small slice of birthday cake for us. 

Rants It will be great if the 6-course tasting menu is also offered on Saturdays. 

Will I Return Again? Well, a meal at Cloudstreet is not an everyday affair. I like the contemporary approach to the pairing of ingredients for most dishes, though I do find the desserts to be a misalignment for me as my overall feeling is that it does not gel well with the savoury courses I had. Head here if you like fine-dining meals without the label of a specific cuisine. The service is very polished as well, where staff takes the effort to explain each course in detail and also paying attention to the small details. If you have been to Cloudstreet previously, drop me a note on how your experience went. 

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

84 Amoy Street 
Singapore 069903 
Tel: +65 6513 7868 

Opening Hours 
Tuesday to Thursday: 6:30pm to 9pm 
Friday & Saturday: 12:30pm to 2:30pm; 6:30pm to 9pm 
Closed on Monday & Sunday 

 Ranted by The Ranter 

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