Food Review: Wala Pizza Private Dining | Innovative Pizza Omakase Dining Experience With Neapolitan-Style Pizza Flavours By Chef Jenna

The Place Chef Jenna is crazy over pizzas. Wala Pizza Private Dining has been on my to go list and I finally managed to head to Jenna’s place for a pizza omakase feast. Wala Pizza was only established in 2021 and Jenna is a self-taught pizza chef with a Food Science & Nutrition background. The location of Wala Pizza is in Chua Chu Kang, and you will get the exact address once you have confirmed your booking. 

The space of Wala Pizza Private Dining is cosy and the long table in the living room is spacious and can fit up to eight diners easily.

The Food The private dining booking is meant for 6 pax, where I paid S$128 per person. A typical menu consists of a starter, petite basil garlic pizza, main pizzas, dessert with gelato. You can expect about five main pizza slices with different and distinct flavours, where Jenna curates the flavours based on your booking selection and preferences. 

My meal started with the Antipasto of Sardine ‘Arancini’, fried to a nice golden texture and the play on the arancini here is that there is no rice involved. 

Next up is the Petite Basil Garlic Pizza. I love the homegrown basil flavour here, which is very fresh. Jenna’s kitchen has an elaborate showcase where she grows her own herbs and leaves. 

On to the mains which is the highlight of the pizza omakase meal. Jenna’s style is Neapolitan-style pizza and she is very enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge of pizza. She uses a 5-day long fermentation process for her dough with zero sugar & zero oil using traditional Italian (Naples) high protein, extra fine, “00” flour. The ingredients she used in her pizzas are a mix of Italian imports & daily farmer’s market ingredients. 

Below are the series of Main Pizza items I had: 

Pumpkin 4 Cheese 
The unique part about this pizza flavour is that no mozzarella cheese is used. Instead, other types of cheese such as blue cheese are at play. The first thing that also caught my eye is how light and airy the crust is, which makes the pizza tastes light. The balance of the pumpkin and cheese flavours is just right too.  

Truffle Carbonara 
This is one of the OG flavours at Wala Pizza and is supposedly the favourite for many, and I can understand why. The first element which is excellent is the guanciale, which is crispy and an integral ingredient in an authentic carbonara dish. The truffle is not overpowering at all, where the pizza is also topped with scallops. Overall, very well-balanced flavours and a hearty one to dig in! 

Harissa Aubergine 
The next pizza flavour is more Middle-Eastern inspired where the star ingredient is the aubergine. Despite being unseasoned, the aubergine still shines in its flavour. There are also elements of cumin spice, along with toasted pine nuts for that added texture. The base of the pizza is a wheat feta base. An interesting flavour not commonly seen for pizzas for sure. 

Paella-Style Squid Ink 
This flavour is the crowd’s favourite amongst my dining friends. You get Hokkaido scallop and homemade pesto sauce in this beautiful squid ink pizza. There is a strong smokiness from the Spanish paprika, and the punchy flavours just come together so well. I am not a squid ink fan, but I love this. 

Before the last savoury pizza was served, we were treated to a palate cleanser.

3-Way Toms & Chovies 
My last savoury pizza uses confit tomatoes, fresh burrata and pesto sauce using the homegrown basil. The star ingredient here is the anchovies from Campania, Italy, where the saltiness help balance the cheese flavour. 

For dessert, it is also a pizza! At this point, I was already quite full, hence the pizza excitement died off a little. That said, it is a very interesting dessert where I had the 5-Spice Pumpkin Kaya & Coconut ‘Nice’ Cream

The kaya is overflowing, which I thought is quite excessive. I actually love the zesty orange and ice-cream which provides a cold contrast to the warm pizza. I generally prefer my dessert to be lighter especially after such a heavy meal, though I also get why Jenna wants to do a pizza dessert which is much more aligned with the whole pizza omakase theme. 

Rants Is there such a thing as too much carbs? My advice is to fast for a few hours before heading to Wala Pizza. 

Will I Return Again? The pizza at Wala Pizza is impressive, one of the best ones I had in Singapore recently. I like the innovative flavours and the courage to experiment with flavours which work. I initially thought that a full-blown pizza course meal will be too heavy, but it is manageable, and I do find myself looking forward to the next course after every course. This is definitely worth a try if you are a pizza lover.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

For more information on the booking, refer to Wala Pizza Private Dining website.  

Ranted by The Ranter 

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