Panda Picks: Top 10 Best Spots & Towns To Visit In Western Australia | Best Roadtrip Stops From Perth To Margaret River Region 

The international gateway city to Western Australia where most international flights land, some of the must do activities for us in Perth city include a walk in Kings Park and Botanic Garden, and a city stroll around Elizabeth Quay Bridge. 

An easy and popular day trip out of Perth, Fremantle is a port city most famous for Fremantle Markets which runs from Friday to Sunday. It is not a huge market, but you can still expect to find a mix of local food produce, retail shops and food kiosks. Other than Fremantle Markets, the city has no lack of good restaurants and cafes to check out as well, including Little Creatures Brewery. 

A two hours’ drive down south from Perth, Bunburry is a great quick stop to stretch your legs. Head to Bunburry Farmers Market, an air-conditioned supermarket which carries a wide variety of fresh produce. This is a great spot to stock up on some fresh local produce ingredients if you are planning to cook in your road trip. 

There is also Marlston Hill lookout, which is free entry for all to ascend to a short observation deck where you get a pretty good view of Bunburry town and the coast. 

For a closer view of the beach, head to Wyalup-Rocky Point where you can get upclose to the beautiful beach in the heart of the town with beautiful rock formations by the coast created by ancient lava. 

A two and a half hours drive down south from Perth, I stopped by Busselton to check out the Busselton Jetty. I was not expecting much initially, but it turned out to be a beautiful boardwalk with a view of the 1.8km long wooden pier where you can even take a mini train to the other end of it. 

A two and a half hours drive down south from Perth, Dunsborough is my base to explore Margaret River where I stayed at Melo Studiosa luxury boutique accommodation which is suited for small families. This is a great pitstop to stay, or stop by for coffee or meals with the variety of dining options in the town.  

Melo Studios Dunsborough

Make a stop at Wilanup Lookout which is a short trail leading to a boardwalk, and the best time to visit is late afternoon for its amazing sunset views over the coast.  

Head to Sugarloaf Rock after Wilanup Lookout which is another popular sunset spot where you get a beautiful silhouette of the iconic rock as the sun dips below the horizon. 

If you are into whale watching, Point Picquet is one of the most accessible and popular spots. There is a rocky terrain which looks out to the vast ocean, a popular spot for whale watching during spring. Just be prepared to keep your eyes open into the waters, or bring a binoculars for some serious whale watching. 

Margaret River Region 
Vineyard hopping is the main reason why people stop in Margaret River. There are plenty of vineyards and distilleries in this region and some of the beautiful ones we visited are Vasse Felix, Leeuwin Estate and Margaret River Distilling Company. 

Leeuwin Estate
Margaret River Distilling Company

Head to Yallingup Beach for clear blue waters where the white sand is soft and you get a good view point from the deck as well. There are also proper shower facilities. 

Make a stop at Canal Rocks to see interesting rock formations which creates a natural canal in the ocean, and there is a beautiful short footbridge (though narrow) to get up close to the rocks.  

Head to the nearby Kathleen’s seat for a panoramic view of the Canal Rocks. 

Head down south towards Injidup Natural Spa, a hidden rock pool where you get a filtered crushing waves impact from the ocean. It can get very windy and do assess the impact of the waves before you decide to take a dip. 

Boranup Forest Karri Tree Viewing Point 
Stop here if you love trees. The unique Karri trees are only found in the southwest of Western Australia. A really charming and winding road for some great photography.

Hamelin Bay Beach 
Other than a beautiful beach, this is also where you can get upclose with stingrays as it appear near the coast. 

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