Hotel Review: Hoshinoya Fuji At Lake Kawaguchi | Beautiful And Luxurious Resort Overlooking Japan’s Mt. Fuji

The Hotel One of my wish list properties in Japan is Hoshinoya Fuji and I am glad that I managed to finally check it out in my recent Japan trip. Located in Kawaguchi, Hoshinoya Fuji is a luxury offering from Hoshino Resorts and is positioned as a glamping resort which overlooks the beautiful Lake Kawaguchi, and the picturesque Mt. Fuji. As the resort faces south, it receives sunlight throughout the day. 

I rented a car and drove to the property from Tokyo, which is approximately two hours away by car.

The reception of the resort is a cool looking black container, where you can spot the cabins of Hoshinoya Fuji on the slope of the hill. Guests are required to park their cars at the carpark beside the reception building, before they are transported to their cabins on the resort’s private jeeps. 

The reception design spots a sleek minimalist look and the most interesting bit are the colourful backpacks which decorate one side of the front desk wall. 

Every guest gets to choose a backpack of their choice, which comes with fun camping equipment such as binoculars, tumbler and insect repellent. Needless to say, I was excited to hop on the jeep to check out the cabin. 

The landscape of Hoshinoya Fuji is gorgeous, especially in Autumn which was the season I visited the property. There are only 40 cabins, which makes it a very exclusive resort.  

Located on a slope of predominantly red pines, along with cherry, ginkgo, and maple trees, it is a beautiful glow of colours. 

The Room Every room is a cabin here, with four different cabin categories which come in different bed configurations. That said, every cabin comes with a view of Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji on a clear day. 

I checked into the T Cabin, which comes with twin beds. The interior design of the cabins exudes a minimalist, subtle elegant vibe where the cabin frames up the view of Lake Kawaguchi and Mt. Fuji perfectly. 

There is a spacious sofa on the balcony which comes with a heater, so you do not have to be too concerned about the cold weather during late autumn or winter. The huge slab of table at the balcony has a fire stove at one end, which the staff will light up in the evening. 

The bathroom spots a simple design and comes with a bathtub with same view as the bedroom. It also has a Japanese-style bathing stool to sit on if that is your preferred shower style. 

The clothes rack is a minimalist wooden rack which comes with thick jackets for guests to use in their stay should they need more warm clothing. Waterproof boots and huge umbrellas are hanged at the entrance of each cabin, which is useful during wet weather condition. 

The mini bar at each cabin comes with complimentary packets of tea, and grinded coffee complete with coffee making equipment. 

The Facilities Given the resort’s strong glamping theme, the amenities are nothing like a typical resort hotel. There is Cloud Terrace located on the higher grounds of the property, which is a series of wooden platforms connected by stairs.  

You will also walk past the beautiful Front Desk area as you ascend your way up to Cloud Terrace and Library Cafe.

I spotted hammocks along the way up to Cloud Terrace, before I reach the highest point where there is a bonfire which is maintained throughout the day. 

There are plenty of camp-style chairs to chill at the Cloud Terrace, a great way to spend time in nature. The trees are simply beautiful, and I was fortunate to catch lovely autumn foliage during my stay. 

There is also Library Cafe where guests can help themselves to complimentary coffee, tea and light bites and snacks. 

Grab a packet of marshmallows and toast it over the bonfire! 

Another unique selling point of this resort is the various types of Experiences which guests can opt for such as an Early Morning Canoeing at Lake Kawaguchi, private bicycle tour in the area, aerial stretching, wood chopping, and more. Note that some of these experiences are at an additional cost. 

I managed to have my hands on the Food Smoking Workshop (¥3,000 per person, excludes tax and 10% service charge) which takes place at the Cloud Terrace. I get to choose a wood chip of my choice before the glamping master guide us on what to do.  

There is a variety of seasonal ingredients to smoke, such as fish and cheese, complete with beverages like whisky or beer. 

The Restaurants There are three dining options – Al fresco dining at Forest Kitchen; the Dining Hall which features a large grill station; or dining on the terrace in the comfort of your cabin. 

I managed to experience the Dutch Oven Dinner (¥15,000 per person, excludes tax and 10% service charge) which has limited seatings, so do reserve early if this is what you are looking to have. 

The setting of the Forest Kitchen is rustic and it really feels like a glamp-style dining complete with a bonfire. Even though it is al fresco style, there is heater beneath the table so it was not too cold for me. 

The type of cuisine is seasonal game meat and wild vegetables, so expect the likes of venison or boar where the flavors of game meat change with the season. All the courses are prepared entirely using the Dutch ovens at my dining table, and not to fret if you cannot cook like me as there is a glamping master to guide you through. 

Some of the dishes to expect for the 5-course dinner include the likes of Wild Boar/Mushroom soup, Venison meat for main dish, Venison/Matsutake Mushroom/Rice, and more. 

My thought is that it is an interesting and unique dining experience which is nothing like what you will get at most hotels, as the glamping theme is strong in Hoshinoya Fuji which extends to this Dutch oven dinner experience. As for the meats, it is also not as gamy as it sounds which the flavours are acceptable for me. 

In terms of breakfast option, I highly recommend the Breakfast Box (¥2,800 per person, excludes tax and 10% service charge), where I had it right at the terrace of my cabin. 

This is definitely a more leisurely way to start the morning as the staff brings the breakfast box to your cabin and set it up in the balcony. It is a very relaxing experience for me to enjoy the delicious breakfast spread in the comfort of the cabin, with a view which I cannot complain.  

Nothing too fancy for the breakfast ingredients, but the mushroom soup, bread and sausages are delicious, along with hot brewed coffee. All the food is air tight and nicely packed, so it arrives warm in the cabin. 

Even though it was a foggy and rainy morning, Lake Kawaguchi is gorgeous, and the autumn leaves simply adds to the beauty of my breakfast scenery. Unfortunately, Mt. Fuji was nowhere to be seen due to the heavy clouds. 

I also managed to make some coffee on my own using the complimentary grinded coffee in the cabin. 

Rants An onsen will definitely complete the experience at Hoshinoya Fuji, but I guess that might be a case of geographical constraint and hence there is no onsen in this resort. 

Overall Experience I really love my stay at Hoshinoya Fuji, despite not being fortunate to see Mt. Fuji from my cabin during my stay. The experiences are very unique for guests in this resort, and the landscape and view make it the main draw for me. If you are planning a stay at Lake Kawaguchi, this is one resort worth splurging on. 

Hoshinoya Fuji 
1408 Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0305, Japan 

For more information, check out the Hoshinoya Fuji Website.

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  1. This resort is also high on my list! Look fantastic 🙂


  2. The views from these cabins looks great. From the reception building I had no idea where the rest of the hotel was. Excellent photos and detailed review thanks. I enjoyed reading your review. Feel free to check out my hotel reviews too. Have a great day 🙂


  3. Calintz Tan // January 5, 2023 at 14:15 // Reply

    May I know the actual date you went? The foliage looks great.


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